NI Water: After listing his concerns, McKenzie makes a radical suggestion

There’s enough in the UTV programme for a great deal more threads. But here’s something that was new even to Slugger. It relates to McKenzie’s bizarre resignation over what amounts to a few minor irregularities in procurement (by which I mean these were monies legally spent, and which the Department was not in a position to claim back)…

MacKenzie had enough and resigned on Monday morning Jan 18. He told the Department for Regional Development which oversees the water company.

Anxious not to lose him MacKenzie was asked by a department official what it would take for him to stay.

What the Chief executive then said provides the crux of the story we have been researching over the past three months. In the course of this investigation we have discovered a trail of emails and other communications which shed new light on why the four non executive directors were fired.

Among the documentation we have obtained is a summary of this critical meeting between Laurence MacKenzie and the DRD official.

After listing a series of concerns including how his health was suffering and how his reputation was at risk, MacKenzie makes a radical suggestion. He said as other directors had been in charge when the contracts problem arose, they should consider their positions. Anyone familiar with management speak knows that Mc Kenzie is saying perhaps those directors should resign.

On the same day officials in the DRD seek information about regulations governing the dismissal of directors from NI Water.