Will you take a sausage roll First Minister?

Radio Scotland drama by David Ireland, also pictured actors Gary Lewis, Veronica Leer and Robert JackThat’s a line from radio drama Trouble and Shame written by David Ireland, produced by BBC Scotland and broadcast on Radio Ulster/Foyle last Monday night.

Andy Hunter is a slightly unhinged Glaswegian. He comes over and kidnaps the First and deputy First Minsters, holding them hostage in his car. Not for financial gain, or terrorist spectacular, but to force unionist Paul and republican Patsy to talk to each other and sort out the differences of their communities once and for all. The FM asks:

“Why should we cooperate if there’s no threat of violence?”

There’s a bit more of the background to the commission on Radio Scotland’s blog which accurately describes the plot as “satirical and absurdist”.

While remaining quite fantastical, it contains a germ of an interesting exploration of community stereotypes, the default tit for tat responses that politicians so quickly rehearse when put under pressure, and the need for basic humanity and respect. There’s also a bit of a fixation with sausage rolls.

It’s still available on iPlayer until 7pm on Monday 9th.

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  • circles

    i’m just wondering where he’s gonna take this sausage roll!
    Ahhhh the beauty of radio drama – leaves so much to the imagination…..

  • circles

    or maybe the question was “Do you take it up the sausage roll First Minister?”

  • Let’s not even mention the lines about yum yums.

  • Michael

    Anyone remember the documentary on the maze a good few years back, which went out under the old broadcasting restrictions?

    The republican prisoners were being interviewed for the documentary about life inside, all relayed to the viewer in their own voices, however in one scene a prisoner was complaining to the PO’s at a meeting about the decline in quality of the sausage rolls in the tuck shop, aparently the pastry to meat ratio was tipping too far in the pastry’s favour.

    Because he went from prisoner to IRA spokesman on sausage rolls, Stephen Rea’s voice kicked in.

    Oxygen of publicity………

  • Cynic

    Free the sausage roll three

  • circles

    That’s a classic scene in that documentary.
    I was watching The Day Today piece on bombdogs in Londond at the weekend (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nvfQw8UCDE) and that particular documentary (especially the sausage roll scene) was of the same quality.
    The ridiculous highlighting the seriosity of the serious :-O

  • circles

    The helium of publicity