Sometimes the ‘Vision’ statement isn’t quite the reality

Groundwork NI has a really nice sounding Vision statement and I’ll be returning to them in a lot more detail in coming weeks;

Our Vision

– the kind of world we want to live in

Our vision is of a peaceful and inclusive society made up of vibrant, healthy and safe communities, which respect the local and global environment and where people and enterprise prosper

They are a well funded body but more on that in coming weeks;

We receive funding from a range of sources including the European Union, Local Government, National Lottery, public agencies, the private sector and other sources, such as charitable Trusts.

Which makes their Director’s comment on work on Loyalist bonfires seem a little strange;

2009 has been the critical test for beacons – the test being not only for loyalism in demonstrating their commitment to change and moving forward, but also to us as a democracy in accommodating that change. A place where difference is not only accepted but also respected and allowed to flourish in more creative and imaginative ways. If we don’t do this, then we are guilty of another form of prejudice

Actively promoting difference? Looking for more imaginative and creative ways to do that? And those that disagree are prejudiced?

She is taking the piss?