Decency vs. necessity and that big river in Africa

With the discovery of what seem to be the remaims of Charlie Armstrong almost 30 years after his disappearance,  Gerry Adams has persisted with a claim the IRA had no involvement in his death.

Well, there’s no evidence to suggest that the IRA was involved

Of course Adams and the IRA have form for denying involvement in ‘disappearing’ people. Despite (very belatedly) admitting other killings and disposal of bodies, until recently they denied anything to do with Joe Lynskey’s disappearance for nearly 40 years. Denial that continued until days before an article appeared in the Irish News where Dolours Price admitted the IRA had carried out the killing.

As Slugger previously noted SF members have managed to gain possession of pre-release material in the past. So it is open to questions if any further revelations/admissions will come through decency or as a result of necessity.