“unionist unity in the sense of one grand political party is, in my opinion, a non-runner”

A BBC report picks up on an article in the News Letter by Lord Bannside, aka former DUP leader Ian Paisley Snr.  Here’s the section which deals with the question of “unionist unity”.

Questions 3 and 4: Is unionist unity essential for the achievement of your vision? And, if so, what does that mean?

Unionist unity in its broadest sense within Great Britain is essential for the health of the nation. A unified sense of loyalty to the throne and to the constitution ought to be top of the agenda with each of the devolved institutions.

Within Northern Ireland, unionist unity in the sense of one grand political party is, in my opinion, a non-runner.

The unionist community here has more choice available to them today than they ever had and they need to look at what each unionist party is offering and make their choice.

Limiting that choice is not in the interests of the province but merely in the interests of those who want power. [added emphasis]

We need to be careful to protect what we have achieved by opening that choice for the unionist community and not let others who have failed to secure a mandate for what brand of unionism they are offering undermine it.
Cooperation for the greater good of the province is of course important. The challenge for unionist politicians now is to engage with the electorate on the day-to-day issues that concern them and see that they are offering and delivering the necessary goods.

Thank God we are entering a period of political life where that is the challenge instead of the terrorists agenda dominating.