Things moving in Catalunya

A million people demonstrate in Barcelona for more autonomy. (The day before Spain’s World Cup victory). Syniadau gives some background.
Joan Laporta in the mix.
Exciting times…

  • Danny

    Whats happening to slugger? This isn’t an artitcle, it’s an RSS feed at best.

  • Mick Fealty

    If you are interested, read the links. If not, just move on.

  • RepublicanStones

    Interesting Dewi, and undoubtedly the events of Cataluyna will be watched with interest in places closer to home (and further afield). I’d be interested to hear of the events of the following night in Cataluyna, I think any attempt to portray euphoria in the region as being the result of a Spanish victory ( and thus a fraternal Spain) would be tempered by the number of proud and fiery Catalan’s who were simply celebrating Barcelona winning the world cup 😉

    Such a thought reminds me of this front page from quite a few years ago…

    Have you seen this..