Derry/Londonderry will be UK City of Culture 2013

From the BBC report

Londonderry has been chosen as the UK’s inaugural City of Culture.

The announcement was broadcast live from Liverpool on the BBC’s The One Show on Thursday night.

Derry, which was short-listed alongside Birmingham, Sheffield and Norwich, will take the mantle in 2013.

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  • Middlemarch

    We are the champions!

  • I said it before on another thread but Im so pleased Im gunna say it again

    They did it!!!

    Derry . Londonderry! The real so good they named it twice city!!!

    WELL DONE!!! Im so pleased for all those who worked so hard.

    PS dont forget to enlarge the signs to the border…

  • Phil Free

    Well played Stroke City!! 🙂

  • Donald Fraser

    Pleased for them but GOOD JESUS they’ve a mountain of work to do before being worthy of being the capital of culture of County Derry never mind anywhere else. Derry City is an UTTER hole. There isn’t one single restaurant worthy of the name and the natives are an almost uniformally irritating whingesome bunch. Urgent work required if they’ve even the remotest chance of attracting anything like the Turner or anything else of substance.

  • Phil Free

    LOL, you’re describing most Northern UK cities there, besides Edinburgh maybe…. 😉

    Mick – could well be my mobile broadband connection, but i’m finding opening blogs and posting comments dead slow tonight. Just thought i’d mention in case others finding it the same.

  • The Raven

    Phil… I have an iPhone and Slugger has been impossible on it since the switchover to the new site… Anyone else noticing this?

  • Phil Free

    Mick – apologies, posted in haste, mustve been my connection. Seems to swift as usual again.

  • Phil Free

    Raven – i’ve given up trying to use my iphone for blogs – thought it was just my useless provider, but interesting you are having problems too.

  • joeCanuck

    So pleased you are happy Donald. You sound like some of the people you described/misrepresented.

  • Haute cuisine i nDoire

    Incorrect, Donald: the Mandarin is excellent, as is the Exchange. But its crown jewel undoubtedly is India House on Carlisle Rd: unbeatable and 25+ years on.

  • Teri

    Well done, Derry, Londonderry, I’m delighted for all of you. I live in Scotland, but being of Irish descent I visit the North and the Republic regularly. Derry is one of my favourite cities.

  • alan56

    ‘A precious gift for the peacemakers’ …MMcG….
    Amazing really but well done.

  • The Raven

    No to forget La Sosta and Browns, if it’s still on the go.

    But Donald isn’t far wrong. There’s a lot of work needs to happen. Shipquay Street, for such a main and historic thoroughfare, is a mess. Much of the extended town centre is in dire need of a clean up. And any sudden influx of visitors is going to need more than five restaurants, the Gweedore and the Clarendon.

    There’s no government funding for this little adventure. And the ratepayers of Derry won’t fork out much more – their rates already are skyhigh. There’s a great opportunity here for the private sector – if the banks will lend. There’s a lot of empty properties lying around – time for the politicians to exert some pressure. And for everyone to be a little more imaginative about how space is used.

    Joe, Donald’s not far wrong. They ARE an inward looking bunch of whingers, and if you’re not from there, you’ll never fit in. I never liked the place, despite living there for a couple of years.

    But this is a fantastic opportunity for that and mindsets, including my own, to change. Time to set aside names and walls and barriers; eyes from elsewhere will be looking at us, only this time it’s hopefully for the right reasons.

    I just hope everyone from politicians downwards, (yeah, Maeve, you idiot, that includes you), get behind this and make it the success it deserves to be.

  • Dixie

    I jolly well say, spiffing good show chaps!

    I can just see it now, Morris Dancing at Free Derry corner and folks dancing round a Maypole in Guildhall Square.

    Oh and everyone supporting England for the World Cup!

    That smile of Martin’s as they won….I can just see him smiling like that as he greets HM the Queen in the Guildhall…

    For cultural reasons of course!!

  • Just out of the Guildhall and couldn’t be prouder. Great atmosphere and real sense of pride in how just about everyone was willing to get behind it.

    We’ll be over on from tomorrow am boring anyone who cares to stop by with photos, videos and posts from this evening.

    Now for a pint.

  • Phil Free

    Ah yes, India House…… quality. Pleased its still alive and well (havent been in l/derry in too long)

  • bobbydylan

    “you are now entering Unfree Londonderry”
    UK City of Culture”

    is that wall big enough for all that?

  • Please. The title is for one year! All of us who have waited so long can wait another year!

    It brings the prospect of work, profits and fun! to all those who so deserve it. Who cares if the UK is in there somewhere. It is, always has been and will always be, Ireland!

    Im thrilled for all of Derry.

  • bobbydylan


    skin of your teeth there Martin!!

    McGuinness has predicted that there will be a United ireland by 2014.

    one year later and it would have proved very embarrassing for the Irish Socialist Republican Micro Minister

  • joeCanuck

    I never visit without, at the very least, getting a take-out from the India House. Prefer to eat in though. It is superb.

  • joeCanuck

    Curmudgeonly, Dixie. It will be party time. Next time maybe West Belfast.

  • pinni

    What a great way to confirm Derry/Londonderry as a stable and enduring British city. 🙂

  • joeCanuck

    Slightly wrong, Pinni. The city is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland. That makes it a Northern Irish city, not a British one. If any citizen prefers to call themselves British, they are by convention allowed to do so and no one should have a problem with that.
    Aside from the fact that the award is to be UK city of culture. So, stop trying to be disruptive.

  • LukeCass

    Oh pinni, you bore.

    Congrats to Derry, excellent stuff.

  • bobbydylan

    come on Pinni,

    the Empire relishes all cultural diversity.. i for one am looking forwary to seeing a troop of natives in their colourful outfits doing one those curious but charming dances.

    definately make a change from all those years when the bolshy natives were restless.

  • There are those, thankfully few, who have been less than congratulatory. Shame on them. I am on record as not having much time for Birmingham, but Norwich is good! there was serious competition here!

    Do none of you realise that England has its own culture and history? Bodacea (not sure of the spelling) came from the Norfolk area, and Derry beat them all! Traditional English, the lot!

    Well done again! do not be disheartened by those who have not checked the opposition!

  • Sean Og

    What does this mean?

    They are appointed the British City of Culture for 2013. This really doesn’t pass the “So What?” test unless there are buckets of money to turn the place into a proper city.

    We can talk about a city of culture 10 years after its a real city – for now it’s a provencial town that loves to whinge about how the world has passed it bye.

  • pinni

    Hey folks, I thought the smiley face would let you know that it was tongue-in-cheek. Don’t be so serious and easily provoked! Congrats to all the residents of D/LD.

  • marlaghman

    Well done Londonderry.

    They are all British City fowk out celebrating this great British City of Culture 2013.

  • joeCanuck

    Despite Mick’s tightening up I see that we still have some sock puppetry.

  • What a shame that a great opportunity for Derry and the surrounding area, is seen by a few as an opportunity to abuse their own.

  • joeCanuck

    Ok, Pinni, forgiven if forgiveness is required; probably not. It is a touchy subject.

  • Diluted Orange

    Would UK City of “mono”-culture not be more appropriate? I hope they spend some of the money scrubbing off all the “FAPs” and “FAOBs” graffiti that I saw daubed in abundance last time I took a stroll around the city walls.

  • Marty

    funny to see republican sc*m celebrate being the UK city of culture… not that L/derry has any culture just some terrorist shrines

  • Marty

    eal sense of pride in how just about everyone was willing to get behind it……………

    glad republicans are showing pride in being a UK city

  • joeCanuck

    Do you just visit the republican shrines when you visit or do you have a real look around you? I’d guess you’ve never been there.

  • Andrew M

    All the usual Derry bashing going on by the sad few I see.
    Makes the victory so much sweeter for the “Derry Wans” I’m sure – so keep all the abuse coming.
    I’m not from Derry, but I know it well. It will get there and it will will prosper from it I’m sure. It has a great young smart population who will be the movers and shakers in the future.

    A city that is moving on with a conviction to better itself can only be a good thing for the whole of Northern Ireland and also Donegal. It has a growing creative sector with Television companies re-locating from London to set up there for one example.

    The physical barrier between Derry and Belfast will soon be less with more and more business being done instantly online. The begrudger barrier will be harder to overcome. Todays begrudgers are tomorrows beggars in the current climate.
    This victory has to be seen as a victory for the whole of Ulster and an massive opportunity for those with open eyes and open minds.

    Fair play and lets see what you can do Derry – go be LegenDerry!

  • foyle observer

    Never been in Derry have you ‘Marty’?

    No, thought not.

    Perhaps you’re not even from the North or South of Ireland. I make this assumption based on the fact that you don’t know that Britain is the island made up of Scotland, England and Wales?

    Have a bit of respect and at least acknowlege that the people of Derry are either Northern Irish or Irish.

    You wouldn’t walk into an Edinburgh pub and tell everyone they’re Welsh now would you? I didn’t think so.

  • Phil Free

    UK City of Culture. Not British City of Culture. There is a difference.

    Oh and by not bye.

  • Phil Free

    Either side, always theres boring bitter shits unable to see a good thing. Really saddens me.

  • Phil Free

    I hate to ask but are us British republicans included in your s*um label?

  • iluvni

    Did they ever remove the offensive INLA gunman memorial from the public cemetery…or is that the sort of culture theyll be celebrating in 2013?

  • percy

    hopefully people will go and enjoy themselves, and the festival will be remembered for the coming together in a shared sense of pride.

  • old school

    100 people gathered in the Guildhall Square to watch the announcement on the big screen. Thats including all the security men employed by the DFM’s brother’s private security firm, and get every gig paid by ratepayers. Cronyism thrives here.
    Bigwigs and those with political connections got to go inside to watch, with their vol au vents and prawn sandwiches.
    General consensus? A load of bullshit hype pumped by the media and the Establishment to further their normalisation agenda, promotion of Constitutional politicians, and general “peace process” cliche ridden guff.
    A bit like the embarrassing, expensive campaign to change the names of Portadown and Crossmaglen to “Portaup” and “Happlymaglen” during the late 90s.
    Who really was surprised when Derry won??

  • Andrew M


  • joeCanuck

    If you don’t have a relative there, don’t visit the Cemetery. they are depressing places especially the graves of the young. Offensive memorials including OO banners can be found all over.
    Make this an inclusive celebration of people over adversity.

  • Marty

    You wouldn’t walk into an Edinburgh pub and tell everyone they’re Welsh now would you? I didn’t think so……

    so is londonderry a UK city or not, seems SF are celebrating the fact that it is!!!

    Never been in Derry have you ‘Marty’?………….

    so are you denying the existance of its republican shrines or its anti-protestant slogans? this only culture this city has is the culture of slowly ethnic cleansing itself of protestants

    Really is scum bag city, bring back the paras

  • Briso


  • DoppiaVu

    Best of luck to L/Derry, although I hope this doesn’t prove to be a poisoned chalice.

    Here in London the impacts of the 2012 Olympics are just about to hit home. Lots of cash set aside for the essential infrastructure (stadia etc.), nothing appears to have been set aside for what local authorities will need to do to enable the Olympics to happen. Where I am, we’re certainly going to need to slash essential services in order to resource our Olympics commitments.

    That said, I can’t imagine the City of Culture thing brings with it the enormous infrastructure and organisational requirements of the Olympics, so maybe, if managed properly, they can squeeze some long-term benefits out of it.

    Which begs the question, who will manage it? Presumably the council will need to bring in outside consultants…who will be financed how?

  • smicks

    What is the deal with nationalists always highlighting the word “and” in the country’s name? The demonym of the United Kingdom as a whole is “British”. NI is also located in the British Isles.

  • smicks

    again, the demonym of the UK as a whole is British. UK = British. UK (as a whole) is also in the British Isles.

  • smicks

    In politics the island known as “England, Scotland and Wales” is more correctly known as Great Britain. “Britain” is the usual shorthand for the United Kingdom, and British is the UK (as a whole’s) official demonym. I’d also like to remind you that you’re from one of the British Isles 😛

  • Rory Carr

    I see that all seem to be ever-so-delicately tiptoeing away from drawing any link whatsoever between Derry’s nomination as UK City of Culture and the recently published findings of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. I can only assume that this is because such a connection has never entered anyone’s mind at any stage whatsoever clearly demonstrating the purity of heart and innocence of thought of all concerned.

    I am humbled. I am in awe.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    The passport that says “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” is commonly and correctly called a “British passport”, is it not?

    “British” is the only adjective we have for things pertaining to the UK, e.g. British passport, British citizen, British entry in Eurovision, British Olympic team, etc. There is no “UK-ish” word and British fulfills this function, among its many other meanings. So it’s quite correct to say Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain but it (and places within it) can be accurately referred to as British. Other words can also be used and may be preferred in most contexts, but “British” is not technically wrong.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Sorry, one other pedantic point from me, Joe: when you say “If any citizen prefers to call themselves British, they are by convention allowed to do so” …
    It’s not just a convention that allows people in Northern Ireland to call themselves British, it’s in the international treaty between the UK and the Republic of Ireland of 10th April 1998 (Article 1(vi)). And it goes further, it recognises it is our “birthright” not only to identify ourselves as British but to “be accepted as British”. So not only are we allowed to do so, but others cannot legitimately question our Britishness when we do.
    Sorry, I know you were trying to be nice there – but it is very important wording for British people in Northern Ireland and not widely enough appreciated!

  • madraj55

    bobbydylan They used to write on the other side the same slogan in several european languages, and I can make sense of only the French one
    ‘vous entrer maintenant dans Derry libre’

  • Amie

    It’s sad that some people can’t enjoy the fact this is an all inclusive prize for us and have to use it as an excuse for yet another political squabble. Some people have obviously never even so much as interacted with the “other side” to know that most nationalists know they are in the UK and are not in denial of this fact. And that many republicans accept the existance of NI and it’s parliament within the UK.

    Really, do these people (cough, “Marty”, cough) ever even socialise with anyone who doesn’t have hardline loyalist, misinformed views of what “the other ones” are like?

    Party pooper. Debbie downer. Negative Nancy. etc etc.

  • fin

    if the wording is so important why have you chopped it instead of repeating it in total. Surely not cos the word Irish is mentioned several times, making the ‘British’ people of NI very different from the British people of er Britain.

    Conversely the same paragraph recognises your Irish ‘birthright’ equally with your ‘British’ birthright

  • Johnny Dogooder

    Belfast Agreement, Artilce 1, (vi)

    “recognise the birthright of all the people of Northern Ireland to identify themselves and be accepted as Irish or British, or both, as they may so choose, and accordingly confirm that their right to hold both British and Irish citizenship is accepted by both Governments and would not be affected by any future change in the status of Northern Ireland.”

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Sorry it was a bit negative, I am happy for Derry! Should have said that. I was just defending another poster, pinni, who had been wrongly corrected by joeCanuck. Just setting the record straight as I felt Joe’s comment as well as being inaccurate was (probably unintentionally) putting down people of a British persuasion ever so slightly. And I think it’s important not to let that stuff pass.

    The short answer is brevity, something I’m not usually noted for, and relevance: JoeCanuck’s comment, which I was responding to, was about people calling themselves British. The quotation was accurate and kept the full sense of the Treaty wording.

    But I am very happy to type out the para in full as I have nothing better to do except sleep and I’m not tired yet. Article 1(vi) reads:
    “The two Governments recognise the birthright of all the people of Northern Ireland to identify themselves and be accepted as Irish or British, or both, as they may so choose, and accordingly confirm that their right to hold both British and Irish citizenship is accepted by both Governments and would not be affected by any future change in the status of Northern Ireland.”
    So, sorry, I’m not sure what you mean when you say it makes “the ‘British’ people of NI very different from the British people of er Britain”. We are of course different from other British people in lots of respects; Britishness is diverse and takes many forms. But this paragraph has little to say on that subject. It says only that our Britishness, once chosen, is beyond question. The fact that the person next to me may choose to be Irish instead is great and all to the good. But it’s clear that doesn’t make me any less British.

    And you’re right, the Irish and/or British birthright, whichever I choose, are recognised as having equal status – great! And in my case, it’s British. So the days of questioning the validity of British identity in Ireland ended in 1998. That’s why I’m down on slipping back into the bad old “not really British” stuff again now: I do think it’s belittling, patronising and chauvinistic.

    So well done Derry / Londonderry and I hope people of both groups can celebrate and benefit from it together. It is a great opportunity for the city.

  • JB

    Mainland Ulsterman, I hope you are enjoying the lifestyle on the mainland – the cafe society, the restaurants, the cheese, the laid back way of life. I often wish that I too was a mainland Ulsterman,

  • RepublicanStones

    Off topic Mick, but Atticus’ having another swipe at you today.