What a difference 5 months make

Sinn Féin were very annoyed when Killian Forde left the party and took his Dublin Council seat to Labour:

“the seat he won as a party candidate, on a party policy platform, with the support of the party locally and nationally”

He was one of a long line of Councillors leaving during their current term, circa 20 making up 10% of the party’s elected representatives at that level.

Five months later, for SF poaching a former Green councillor is a coup to be celebrated – no talk of hard working party workers being shafted by the careerist this time.

Update: See CDM comment below, O’Leary was first elected as an Independent.

Futher update:
One commenter wants it made clear Sinn Fein’s newest Councillor was elected as an Independent, then joined the Greens, the became an Independent again before joining SF – like that looks good after complaining about careerists but I’m happy to oblige in flagging it.

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  • Co. Down Man

    Was Chris O’Leary not elected as an independent?

  • Mark McGregor


    You are right, neither the Greens or SF endorsed him. Should he have given up his seat twice now by shinner reckoning?


  • redhugh78

    In your over zealous anti-sf blogging you fail to mention he resigned from the green party EIGHTEEN months ago and sat as an independent until now which is a bit different.

  • Mark McGregor


    I noted he was a ‘former Green’.

    But didn’t realise he was elected as Independent,

    That just makes SF’s complaint on careerism look worse.

    Jesus, any port in a storm time.

  • mick

    Mark, you really need to get over your parting of the ways with SF.

  • redhugh78

    ‘Jesus, any port in a storm time.’

    I take it you refer to your obsession with SF?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Not a great night for accuracy – 2 inaccurate posts within minutes.

  • How’s this for an idea for a blog!

    What a difference 5 minutes makes.

    That’s how long it takes to Google a councillors name and maybe profile him properly.

  • Co. Down Man

    my own personal view is that if your elected on party ticket the seat belongs to the party. If a DUP MLA resigned tomorrow to join the UUP the seats belongs to the DUP and should be returned to that party. If a person is elected as an independent, I think thats different. All in all just another boring anti-Sinn Féin post on slugger.

  • Realistic Idealist


  • Mellows

    I don’t understand how an alleged political blogger on this site is permitted to post so many glaring inaccuracies fermented in a vat of blatant political bias. As people have pointed out your op is wrong all over the place Mark, even with your begruding amendment as a “further update” at the end, it is still wrong all over the place. Chris was a Green cllr from 2002 onwards, he left the Green Party in Jan 2009, he stood as an independent in the local elections of June 2009. He served as an indo until he recently joined SF. Maybe it’s possible to get Mick to proof your homework before you are allowed bang it up here in future ? Is there a reason why so many point out your inaccuracies but your blogs are still allowed stand without correction ?