What a difference 5 months make

Sinn Féin were very annoyed when Killian Forde left the party and took his Dublin Council seat to Labour:

“the seat he won as a party candidate, on a party policy platform, with the support of the party locally and nationally”

He was one of a long line of Councillors leaving during their current term, circa 20 making up 10% of the party’s elected representatives at that level.

Five months later, for SF poaching a former Green councillor is a coup to be celebrated – no talk of hard working party workers being shafted by the careerist this time.

Update: See CDM comment below, O’Leary was first elected as an Independent.

Futher update:
One commenter wants it made clear Sinn Fein’s newest Councillor was elected as an Independent, then joined the Greens, the became an Independent again before joining SF – like that looks good after complaining about careerists but I’m happy to oblige in flagging it.