Photograph of the Day – Education through celebration!

Orangefest leaflet, shopping and processions

Flyer that was brought to my attention yesterday on the inside it says “If you’re visiting Northern Ireland in July make time to enjoy an old tradition with a beautiful new look OrangeFest.

Edit to add photograph of the interior of leaflet

There’s a brief history section a little bit about culture from which my fav quote is….. “And for fans of all things pyrotechnic, the spectacle of the annual Eleventh night bonfires all across Northern Ireland will certainly be a memorable one.”

An exhibition at Schomberg House and opening times is mentioned then that the shops are open as usual.

There is also a helpful hint section on the RHS…Please don’t walk through the procession whilst it’s in progress. If you would like to cross through just ask a marshall who’d be happy to advise when it’s safe to do so.

If you wish to enjoy a drink don’t forget that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the  streets of Belfast. Disposal facilities will be provided at the main entry points of the city for open bottles or cans of alcohol.

Don’t forget the shops are open for business as usual from 12.30pm-4.30pm.

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  • sandra

    My immediate response is that its the most ridiculous and inappropriate image which i hope they didn’t pay very much for .I’ve no experience of the Belfast parades but i believe the rural twelfth’s are wonderful events.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Why is she wearing a bin liner ?

  • Cynic

    They couldn’t afford a proper dress for her because as Protestants they cant get Government grants

  • Cynic

    I just love the expression on her face. It looks like either:


  • Cynic

    I just love the expression on her face. It looks like either:

    1 Belfast is so wonderful the GP has just tripled her Prozac dose or

    2 she’s just nipped into the shops on the way home from her Special School

  • Michael

    Culchies beating the tar outta one another 200 odd years ago, what a great excuse to max out the credit cards during a recession.

  • Big Maggie

    That flyer would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

    Whom do they think they’re fooling besides themselves?

  • mark

    I’d still give her a lash !