World Cups and Solar Eclipses

As the crowds gather in Johannesburg for the FIFA World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands an estimated 4000 umbraphiles are hoping for clear skies over Easter Island – and no vuvuzelas.

They’ve travelled there to be able to observe 4 min 41 secs of the total solar eclipse of July 11, 2010, which is due to occur at the same time that 22 men are chasing after a very round ball on a large patch of grass…  9.11pm BST start for the Easter Island hopefuls.

In the New York Times, Professor Jay M. Pasachoff notes some of the other 50 total solar eclipses he’s witnessed.

Btw, the many-tentacled oracle has tipped Spain…

Update  And he was right, again.

Added  Low definition image of total solar eclipse of July 11, 2010, Easter Island.  Image credit: astromatica.

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  • Paul is (very nearly) lunch!

    Will the solar eclipse have any effect on the final? Who knows, the moon effects the tides…and we are almost all water.

  • RepublicanStones

    Half time – and Axeman Van Bommel actually got a yellow for a rough tackle. De Jong should have gone for that Chuck Norris bullshit. Scrappy first half.

  • Pete Baker

    The Germany/Uruguay game yesterday was miles better.

    And Paul was right about that one too!

  • Off topic but only by a few hundred miles and hand ball.

    Big match in Ireland today, slight contretemps on pitch, Gards called. Oh dear…

  • Pete Baker

    Extra time’s been better value.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Not by much Pete.

    8 Dutch men booked, one sent off. Spaniards off target all game, Villa off pitch. Looks like Dutch win on penalties from here…hope I’m wrong

  • Chris Donnelly

    Thank God for that. Dutch certainly deserved nothing on tonight’s performance.

  • Pete Baker


    Looks like Paul was right…

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Glad Spain won.
    Odd thing that the Germans, French, Argentinians, Italians, English etc think that the big matches should be refereed by refs from…..Germany, France, Argentina, Italy, England etc.
    But according to BBC Webb hada “difficult game”.
    Nope….he was awful……and if that performance had been put in by a ref from Luxembourg, Sri Lanka or Vietnam……he would have been crucified.
    As it is Howard Webb is clearly the best English referee since … Graham Poll……….

  • Its over now! Paul is toast!

    The good news is no more, or at least not as much, football.

  • Pete Baker

    “Paul is toast!”


    I think your logic, such as it is, is seriously flawed on this one. 😉

  • Logic. Logic???

    You are talking about a fortune telling octopus! Im ahocked, what do you think my name is: Spock!!!

  • CW

    Apologies in advance, but it just has to be said…

    At least one group of Orangemen won’t be celebrating on the 12th of July this year! (And I don’t mean Armagh).

    Looking on the bright side if you put money on Spain, your squid’s in…
    (Cue the sound of pounding feet running very quickly off the stage dodging the flying bottles and glasses)

  • RepublicanStones

    Have to disagree. It was a difficult match and he done alright. De Jong should have gone for that Chuck Norris routine, but not sure if Webb had a perfect view. in any event it would have ruined the match with a sending off so early on. Glad the big baldy bollocks got the top job, I think he deserved it, he’s the best ref week in week out in the PL.

  • Rory Carr

    It was fitting that the most consistently excellent player of the entire tournament was also the one to score the winning goal in the final. Iniesta and Spain deserve the credits and the glory.