“But that money can only be delivered if we deliver…”

Via Newshound.  The Impartial Reporter has some interesting quotes relating to what’s been happening on the ground in Newtownbutler.

A source close to the residents of Newtownbutler revealed that when [Sinn Fein Councillor and Chairman of the Newtownbutler Residents Association Thomas] O’Reilly brought the proposal back to the residents, he told them that cross-community money was available through the Peace 3 Programme if they “delivered”.

According to our source, Mr. O’Reilly said: “Over the past couple of years there has been some talks to try and find some solutions and to try to find ways to even set up talks. This last year there has been an opportunity through the Peace 3 Programme to bring in some peace money — cross community money — into the village. But that money can only be delivered if we deliver. Out of that came the negotiations for the parading issue.”

However, present at the meeting was Tony McPhillips, a republican known to be opposed to mainstream Sinn Fein.

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