Cui bono? Not those protesting for sure

Over a period of months a diverse group have been turning up at the gates of Magheraberry prison in support of republican prisoners.

The day after the most recent protest what was described as ‘an elaborate hoax’ bomb was found near the gaol.

The next day a similar device ‘later declared an elaborate hoax’ was found at Hydebank.

Of course this may lead to suspicions that republicans were involved in these hoaxes but given they have consistently complained of stop and searches on the way to prison protests it doesn’t seem likely anyone attending would have actually arrived with an elaborate hoax bomb.

The paramilitary force had set up checkpoints on all the roads leading to the jail and proceeded to stop and search republicans as they arrived.

If republicans don’t gain from these devices being left that could result in attempts to curtail protests at prisons, who could possibly benefit?