Photograph of the Day – 960 portraits

a sneak preview of my exhibition of 960 portraits taken 'Through the Viewfinder'.

7pm at the Waterfront Hall gallery 2 – be there be square.

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  • billy

    This is an interesting shot.

  • even with an explanation?

  • billy


    it didn’t need an explanation, MP, that’s the point.

  • joeCanuck

    Is that guy at the far end wearing a hoodie or is it my overworked imagination?

  • Alias

    I’d actually go to see that exhibition if I was anywhere near it.

  • Stephen Barnes

    Good luck tonight, John.

  • Joe …no but he is black 🙂

    Alias there should be some online footage in a week or so
    thanks stephen

    oh and it’s been blogged elsewhere…..

  • Stephen Barnes

    Great coverage you’re getting.. Seriously hope your exhibition goes well. Still up for that beer? (remember, I’m paying!)

  • Greenflag

    The curving lines emanating from the rectangular shaped pics and the ‘shelves’ is what grabbed my attention . That archtypal curvilinear spiral motif that goes all the way back to Newgrange and beyond. In the beginning was the curve or was it the spin 😉 ? We know nature likes not rectangles nor squares . There are no square Suns nor planets nor leaves noe amoeba and anyway I’ve always preferred women with curves where there should be curves 😉