Art? There was free wine!

Being a blogger on Slugger isn’t something that comes with many perks, indeed I’ve been close to bottom of the list for the infrequent opportunities to have free drinks coming from Fealty Towers.  But, occasionally Slugger gives you the opportunity to experience things you just wouldn’t normally do

Tonight, was the launch of Moochin Photoman’s ‘Through the Viewfinder’ exhibition at the Waterfront. It was some craic watching people trawl through a thousand photos, giving a critique but the whole time trying to find their own image.

Of course this was a purely sectarian exhibition as it had at least five NI tops on display and one Rangers one that certainly weren’t balanced by 2 shots of St Patricks Day.

A Protestant display just before the twelfth.

I’ll also note that while I have no idea of the statement Mooch was making  – I saw only two repeat pictures (there must be others) – me and Jerome Quinn!

If you are passing the Waterfront I’d recommend nipping in for 20 mins and complaining.

😉 massive wink