Fianna Fail Cumman raffling tickets to meet the Queen…

So Brian Cowan has finally announced the Queens trip is definitely on.  It’s been something of an open secret around Leinster House since last February, and Fianna Fail at large it seems. (Just when was he planning to tell the rest of us?) For a good example of how far down the list briefing the press comes, see this little fundraiser for the local Newtownshandrum Junior B Hurling Team 2010 posted on Facebook in the last few days:

With the Junior B trip to Las Vegas only 2 months away the local Fianna Fail Cumann have come on board with a novel fundraiser. If you buy a ticket for 10 Euro, you enter a draw to win the chance to meet Brian Cowen and the Queen when she visits Dublin next year.

Nice… Although not all Republicans on the island were quite so welcoming

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  • Pete Baker


    “Just when was he planning to tell the rest of us?”

    He told “the rest of us” on Wednesday…

  • Rory Carr

    What will they award as prizes to the runners-up? Commemorative mugs?

    Both An Taoiseach and Her Majesty have ideal visages for representation as Toby jugs. But then my oul’ mug wouldn’t look out of place stuck up on a shelf somewhere either come to think of it.

  • joeCanuck

    I bet you have to answer a time limited skill testing question to claim the prize and the question will be in Irish so no Protestant can win.

  • Frontier Vulpine

    Mr Carr

    I have been somewhat worried of late at the dryness of your comments. The humour and wit had abated.

    The vision of An Taoiseach as a Toby jug provided a little mirth in chez fox.


  • drumlins rock

    MIck, this article has to be taking to piss surely?

  • Munsterview

    Runner up prize…… have you not heard…… a guarantee not to have to meet Enda Kenny!

  • Rory Carr

    Let’s face it, Frontier Vulpine, there hasn’t been much to laugh about recently, well apart from the U.S.A.’s goal against England in their match that is.

  • And why not? Britain set up Fianna Fáil. No one else could have engineered that 1926 secession from Sinn Féin, which duly went on to hang the IRA. Sinn Féin has never tired of pointing out the uncontested fact of this matter.

    Likewise, only Britain could have engineered the 1933 merger of the Blueshirts, Cumann na nGaedheal and the National Centre Party, complete with a commitment to Commonwealth membership (which in those days necessitated retention of the monarchy, and a very high degree of integration in foreign policy and defence), albeit for a United Ireland as the ultimate aim.

    Fine Gael went on to be outmanouvered into declaring the 26-County Republic that neither it nor anyone else then wanted as such, but it got its own back when it came to the choice of the first President, himself an antidote to the strange, ahistorical virus that deludes people into associating the Irish language with Nationalism.

    And the Irish Labour has always been funded very largely, and of course entirely openly, by trade unions which exist throughout these Islands and are headquartered in England, usually in London.

    Ho, hum. Fianna Fáil raises funds, both for itself and for its local hurling team, by raffling tickets to meet the Queen. Well, of course it does.