A smashed in face – blame the parents?

The brutal assault of 13 year old Shannon Smyth with a brick (at least) in Moyard is currenty being investigated by the PSNI and is considered a possible sectarian attack – she required 14 stitches to her face, lost teeth and suffered numerous cuts.

Almost as disturbing as the actual incident is the response from some to it here on Slugger and elsewhere.

Since outlets such as the BBC, Belfast Telegraph, Newsletter and even PSNI stated the assault took place in the earlier hours (12.30am) some have declared the victim’s parents have questions to answer due to the time and her age.

However, both the Irish News and Andersonstown News, with slightly better links in the local community, have reported the attack occurred at 7.30pm (not online)

I’m unsure if those trying to blame the parents will take this into account. Or even reflect on regardless of the time it occurred if anyone other than the perpatrators are responsible.