McDowell takes golf’s crown

It’s a small family legend that at the age of two in 1951, I interrupted a crucial putt in the sole British Open to be played at Royal Portrush with the cry: “What’s that man doing Daddy?” Hundreds of others probably tell the same story. That’s my sole personal link with Portrush’s Graeme McDowell who has just snatched victory in the US Open. To an ingoramus like me, he seemed to come from nowhere, after years of agonising from British sport journalists over whether Monty or Lee Westwood would ever make it.  While he’s careful to place himself in a joint British Irish tradition alongside Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington, the name he most invokes for me is Fred Daly who would have been 101 next year.  Graeme’s is the greatest sporting achievement since Mary Peters’ Munich Gold for “our wee province.”

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  • bigchiefally

    Great news, well done Graeme.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Fantastic result and it doens’t even seem that far fetched to suggest that another Norn Iron man, McIlroy might win it next year.

  • Ulick

    “While he’s careful to place himself in a joint British Irish tradition alongside Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington”

    Indeed but no doubt that won’t stop the like of McCausland politicising the achievement or indeed the British media for laying a claim.

  • Re-engaged

    Congratulations, great achievement for Norn Iron and alongside Padriag, Irish golf is really at the peak – lets hope Rory does not squander his opportunity and undoubted talent.

    Not sure about our greatest sporting achievement since Mary Peters, since Munich we have been involved in 2 World Cups in football, Ulster won the European Cup in Rugby, we have had 2 World Snooker Champions, numerous Ryder Cup moments with Feherty, Rafferty and Clarke, Joey Dunlops F1 and TT triumphs, Barry McGuigan and Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley as world boxing champions etc… so up there up – but not on it’s own

  • Drumlin Rock

    Ulick, I hope Peter, Marty, David and Brian all lay claim.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Wiki is already updated – never really thought of it as a ‘news’ service.

  • daisy

    Whilst I am firmly of the opinion that golf is a good walk wasted, this is a fantastic achievement and it’s lovely to have some good news for a change.

  • Chris in Belfast

    It was quite funny listening to 5live describe him as a Northern Irish/Irish/British/European golfer last night.

    He’s all of those things, of course. From my own point of view, though, it’s a great achievement for Northern Irish sport.

    And most of all, for himself.

  • Mick Fealty

    Good man Graeme. It nicely sets the bar for the young man from Holywood…

  • Oracle

    I back McDowell in the last 4 majors at 150/1 150/1 160/1 and 250/1

    didn’t even know the US open was on with the World Cup…. so what else can I say other than…….. “fuck ya Graeme” 🙂

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    I was the same with Harrington, used to back him all the time but somehow missed his first major on great odds – I did back him in his next 2 victories on shorter odds as well as in a few since but gave up on him and had started backing McIlroy instead.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Fair play to him, he comes across as a good lad (despite that car crash of an accent).

  • Brian

    It was entertaining to hear the local sports talk radio this morning on my commute to work (here in Washington DC). They hosts were confused by the differing reports listed McDowell as Irish, British, etc…they weren’t sure if he was British or Irish or what he really was. Then some intelligent person called in and said Ireland and Northern Ireland had been different countries for centuries. So they settled for “Northern Irish”. Another host said it doesnt make any sense, if its not part of Ireland than they should just called it West England.

  • Republic of Connaught

    Well done to Graeme. He’s a genuine guy and deserves his brilliant success.

  • Wonderful news and a great achievement! Well done that Graeme McDowell!

  • Munsterview

    A magnificent achievement that merits the heartiest of congratulations!

    I hope that the young star can continue as well grounded and family orientated as he apparently is.

    Great also to hear all our Southern Media take such notice of his achievement all during the day, a focus of attention he so well deserves

  • Greenflag

    ‘then some intelligent person called in and said Ireland and Northern Ireland had been different countries for centuries.’

    Did’nt you mean ignorant 😉 ? Under different jurisdictions I make it 88 years i.e not yet one century . In the west of England they talk differently from Graeme McDowell but at least I can understand him without an ‘interpreter’ 😉

    Well done the man and I guess he won’t be too worried about Mr Osborne the Knife as he cuts away some of the lard from around the middle of Her Majesty’s subjects today 😉