Fine Gael: yet more blood to be spilled on the carpet…

Well Harry was right... And we’ve not seen the end of it yet, by a long way… This evening ten (out of 17) Fine Gael front benchers have walked out and looking in no uncertain way for the head of Enda Kenny…

The Emergency have the shorthand below:

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  • joeCanuck

    Surely the only blood remaining to be spilled on the carpet will come from Mr.Kenny committing hari-kiri.
    End of Enda.

  • Does FG have a death wish? This kind of bloodbath is not helping them. Bruton has stood by and for Kenny through every FG decision of the past years.

    Labour are looking and sounding more like the real opposition.

  • martin

    be very hard to take them seriously as government material, FG really know how to F**k up big,no half measures

  • Munsterview

    Obviously we have a new political situation in Southern Ireland, several new situations actually in this Island, North and South.

    The response from the main parties so far has been Old Politics!

    Several in Fine Gael typified typified this ‘same old, same old’ and few more so than Kenny.

    For all his talk of new politics and democracy, when faced with a loss of power, he resorted to strategy and tactics to hang on in there by his fingernails, his toe nails or any other appendage that could get a grip.

    No difference in boot boy behavior, between ‘Nice Enda’ in leadership survival mode and the late Charles Haughey!

    Could there be any clearer indication that FF /FG are the same dated politics and but different sides of the same coin?