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The Saville Inquiry report has been published on the inquiry website. You can catch summary details about the report, family reactions and political commentary through the many, many media outlets camped out in Guildhall Square.

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  • Secret Squirrel

    I donno Paddy.
    I had a quick check myself after reading your post and I think my latter suggestion was/is the case.

    We’ll see what transpires.

  • vanhelsing

    Thankfully the number of people who share your hatred are slowly dwindling. You’re a dying breed. Bring on the Hague – I smile as I type you always are a laugh [pathos if you missed it]…

  • Gerry Lvs Castro


    They certainly had pretensions to be an army — their name, the use of military terms such as ‘brigade’, ‘commander’, ‘quartermaster’ etc.

    In fairness though I wouldn’t class them as a ‘proper’ army — ‘proper’ armies accept the inevitably of taking casualties without making them out to be ‘shoot to kill’ events. And of course ‘proper’ armies aren’t supposed to blow up shoppers, shoot people in bed or regard cleaners as ‘legitimate targets.’

    My point however was that as the provos regarded themselves as a people’s army and the rightful govt of Ireland, their subsequent actions, against both the ‘enemy’ and their own communities, have to be judged within this context. The behaviour of the British army on BS was indefensible and appalling. The behaviour of the Irish Republican Army for the next 22 years could hardly be described as better.

  • Dear Everyone,

    I don’t know how to communicate with you but I assume that all of you reading this blog also read Horesman”s blog
    Ulster’s Doomed.
    Ian, AKA Horseman died suddenly on the 09/06/10.
    I know he would love to be updating his blog about the current events but cannot…..
    I can’t get the blog down as I don’t have his password yet.
    Best regards to you all
    Fiona (partner)

  • Blue Hammer

    Saville should be tried for treason.

    Taking the lies of terrorists and their apologists over the testimony of the forces of the state? And no mention of the nail bombs in the pockets of the dead?

    A scandalous day.

  • Greenflag

    ‘You appear to miss the second tragedy and appalling injustice; ‘

    The second ?? There have been iirc some 4,000 deaths in NI since the ‘troubles ‘ began each an individual tragedy for the victim and his or her family .

    As for justice not having an expiry date ? What is meant by that ? Many of those who killed in NI on all sides during the troubles will never have to face ‘justice’ .Their ‘victims’ justice date has expired .

  • Alias

    “And no mention of the nail bombs in the pockets of the dead?”

    And no mention of the X-Ray specs that enabled the Paras to see them either!

  • Greenflag

    Paul ,

    Nail on head .

  • PaddyReilly

    I think we may reasonably state that the chances of the UK prosecuting these soldiers is about the same as that of Burkina Faso sending a spaceship to Mars.

  • Peter Fyfe

    Once again I do not care for opinions on whether people view themselves as the rightful government of a country, they were not.

  • alan56

    Just listened to Tony Doherty on BBC News24. Very impressive and sensitive comments. He seems to be saying this is closure.

  • Mick Fealty

    Unfortunately, I’ve been taking one of my family off to the airport over the last four hours, so I’ve missed most of it…

  • Mick Fealty


    I am so sorry to hear that. Please accept our deepest regrets and sympathies. If you want to contact me directly, please drop me an email to

  • vanhelsing

    you in for a doosy…

  • PaddyReilly

    Whataboutery, whataboutery, whataboutery

    The question is, have we learnt anything from the episode?

    One observation we should make is that mass assassinations by the army are seldom a good idea. If the “Derry Hooligans” neeeded to be taught a lesson, it might help to identify them correctly and individually before doing so.

    By now we can see from the murder rate that BS was the defining event of the troubles, the moment when the state lost its legitimacy. Murders were at an all-time peak after BS and have been coming down ever since. In a way both sides are victims of Bloody Sunday: it was the original tit, for which so many subsequent deaths were the tat.

    I am appalled that the squaddies are being blamed. They were merely delivery boys, acting under orders from their officers, who were following the orders of the British government, who were under pressure from their Unionist members, who were under pressure from the Unionist electorate.

    So, some section of people have learnt something: the British Governments, Labour and Conservative, have learnt that the time for continuing the plantation of Ireland has passed.

  • Henry94


    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Fiona

    I did read his blog. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • slug

    Having just listened to and watched the debate in the house on the Prime Minister’s statement, I think it was a very respectful and serious debate. I thought the Prime Minister spoke very wella properly to say sorry for what was clearly a great wrong, and the Northern Ireland MPs, SDLP, Alliance and DUP, all spoke on important points – the points of the DUP and others on the need for balance are important too and should not be brushed aside. Mark Durkan spoke very powerfully and made one of his great contributions, and the respect for him felt by the house was plain and very correct. Furthermore, the Conservative and Labour and Lib Dem MPs, some of whom had served in the Armed Forces in Northern Ireland, made some very sensible points. It is a good day that this report has come out and the matter is now established authoritatively. As the Prime Minister said, this is not an easy day for those of us who are proud of our country but he is right to say that it does not do our country, or our Army, a service to keep these matters under cover, and it it right to investigate and to say sorry when something was clearly wrong.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    That is dreadful news, Horseman’s blog (which I didnt always agree with) was always excellently written and he had carved out a really distinctive niche which I regulalry turned to – perhaps 3 or four times a week.

    It’s a pity the blog cannot be left in situ as a memorial to him even if it means stopping further comment. Hopefully Slugger will run a tribute thread and let us know if there is charity or anywhere to send a donation.

    Deepest sympathy, rest assured he will be fondly remembered by his many readers.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Sorry to hear that terrible news.

  • Comrade Stalin

    What I don’t understand is why unionists are suggesting this is a bad thing.

    Justice being seen to be done, albeit belatedly, by the British within the British state, and with an apology being issued by the British Prime Minister, undermines the fundamental republican case that justice and normality is impossible under British rule.

  • Secret Squirrel

    Really ?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    “the fundamental republican case” is that Britain has no moral authority to govern in Ulster because of the coercion of partition and Bloody Sunday reinforced that – what probably annoys Unionists is that many other people outside of Ulster, will understand why that is after today’s report.

  • joeCanuck

    My sympathies too, Fiona.

  • ulster scot

    After today’s event which brings both clarity and truth – one simple thought – there were two “Bloody Sundays” in the modern so called “troubles” – the 2nd was a Sunday in Enniskillen when 12 people were killed and nearly 60 injured, a 13th victim Mr Hill spent 13 years in a coma. The bomb was assembled in Co Leitrim by 3 IRA units, an estimated 30 personnel took part (another bomb 4 times bigger), was set/defused in Tullyhommon, targeting the boys brigade and girl guides attending that Remembrance Day service, accompanied by wait for it, 4 local policemen– if it had exploded 60 protestant children would have been slaughtered and the result I believe would have been full scale civil war – the Provos objective?. No enquiry lasting 12 years into these events ,propably less than £500k spent on police enquiries ,compared to nearly £200m in Londonderry. No convictions, no one held to account – simply nothing at all. BUT the victims were British Unionists not Irish Nationalists – thats the Ireland of Equals recognised by many unionists. The correctly held view, that the perpetrator was the state and that it itself compounded the crime by falsely branding the victims is totally valid. But (and its not whataboutry) I for one, would welcome an enquiry in to the 2nd Bloody Sunday – I can think of many witnesses that could be called including ROI government officials(allowing attacks to be initiated from their state),Fianna Fail party officers (initially setting up, and funding the arms purchases of the Provos – Arms Trial and the missing arms money!!!) and not least the estimated 30 provos “warriors” themselves( well known to Police on both sides of the border – many who would be capable of being called to attend an enquiry).BUT NOT A SINGLE CALL IN 23 YEARS FOR AN ENQUIRY FROM THE NATIONALIST or SEIN FEIN/IRA voting EQUALITY LOVERS – TO THEIR ETERNAL SHAME. There will be no equality for the Protestant murdered of Enniskillen just like before none, for the 12 Bandon, Cork ,Protestants Massacre victims murdered in one night a generation before. A true Irish Tail that points to the reality of two Irelands, one of the silent and unsupported Protestant dead and the other of the supported and recognised Catholic dead.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Comrade — I can’t speak for other Unionists but personally I don’t regard either the justice aspect or the apology as bad in any way.

    Essentially the Saville enquiry and report was for the BS families — given the amount of blood on their hands and their murderous role in the troubles, the RM should have stayed well away today.

  • oneill


    Very sorry indeed for your loss.

  • vanhelsing

    with you on this one

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Sammy the ‘republican case’ is a moot point — SF have signed up to partition for the forseeable future. The majority on both sides of the border endorsed this, so I rather doubt that many minds outside of Ulster will be changed by Saville.
    The hard fact is that most people outside NI couldn’t give a damn about the place or it’s citizens as long as they behave themselves.

  • halfer

    Sometimes, certain things need said…..

    Joe Mack, midulsterunionist, Jim, Marcionite, Driftwood, Kevin Moran…..

    ..Go and Fuck Yourselves.

    If this vitriolic bile is whats passes for discourse on this site, I’m done with it.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Don’t worry Ulster Scot — with the ‘Ireland of Equals’ agenda up and running, SF will be happy to facilitate any enquiries into the murders of Irish citizens, whoever the perpetrators.

    Won’t they?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Gerry Lvs Castro

    Moot or not – I was simply putting CS in the picture regarding the “fundamental republican case”.

  • TheHorse

    Ulsterscot. All victims of this conflict need to be recognised and remembered the victims of Enniskillen are no different in terms that they were totally innocent. The difference being that in Enniskillen
    we all know, who done it, the IRA were guilty and if any are caught they will be sentanced and convicted as such, they murdered those people and done that indefensibly, but the world knows that, no-body denies it. Bloody Sunday was also indefensible, but those innocent people were labelled as terrorists, as deserving to be shot, the government of the day covered up the murders of innocent people for decades and your still trying to say but ….. We can all say but ……

  • Alias

    “Won’t they?”

    No, because it doesn’t suit the self-serving Catholic tribe’s narrative to depict its murder gangs as pro-actively attacking the protestant and unionist community, and nor does it suit the Shinners to have the Catholic tribe focus on their role beyond being ‘defenders’ of that community.

    Tomás Mac Giolla said the following about the Shinners in a speech in Dail Eireann on November 10, 1987 (two days after Enniskillen):

    “As I said last week, the Provisionals have always relied for their influence among Catholics on creating an atmosphere where they can masquerade as the defenders of the Catholic community. They are hoping, therefore, for attacks and retaliation by Protestant paramilitaries so that they can be seen to defend the Catholic community. Time after time they have gone out and engaged in vile sectarian murders knowing that they would provoke a reaction from the paramilitaries leading to more fear and more terror in Catholic areas and leading people to believe that they needed the Provos to protect them.”

    As Mac Giolla pointed out, atrocities aimed at Protestants were designed to ensure that the Catholic tribe would be attacked by loyalists in response, thereby leading the Catholics to believe that they needed the Shinners to defend them from the loaylists.

    The Shinners have always been parasites on the Catholic community. Even now we see the Catholics stay expediently silent regarding demands for British soldiers to be prosecuted because they fear that such demands might result in similiar demands from the unionist community for other ‘historical’ crimes involving the Shinners to be investigated by the State with a view to obtaining prosecutions. The parasites have conditioned them to believe that they owe a duty of loyalty to them and that such a duty should be expressed by protecting the Shinners, putting their interests before the interests of the victims of crimes.

    It isn’t entirely selfless, however, since the Catholic tribe sees its own selfish interests as being best served by the Shinners.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Why are the British folk of NI so disrepectful to the results of this enquiry. It is now official that the British Army shot dead 13 Irish civilians on that day, 14 people killed in total. That’s 14 citizens of the UK shot dead by HM Crown Forces. Is denial trying to raise it’s head again among NI British folk.

  • Paul

    Well put The Horse. I still don’t understand why it took so long and cost so much. 12 years and £200m to find out what happened in a twenty minute period 38 years ago? If prosecutions were to follow, and I don’t think they will, how long would the trials last? And a criminal court would demand a higher level of evidence.

  • slappymcgroundout

    “The Shinners have always been parasites on the Catholic community.”

    Perhaps you are forgetting history. The PIRA exists solely because the Official IRA refused to defend St. Matthews on the ground that defending Catholics from Protestants would be sectarian and we’re only for class war (someone has to shoot up all those capitalist running dogs). Then there was the later PIRA internal war over strictly defense versus offense as well. The offense folks won the day, likely on the premise that a good offense is the best defense (keeps them worrying about and reacting to you rather than the opposite being the circumstance). And the cruel irony is that the fellow who made the quoted remarks spoke in a body that would not exist but for the offensive action of some other revolutionaries. He’s otherwise woefully ignorant of the rest of the dynamic. The UVF killing random Catholics put incredible pressure on the PIRA, what with the surviving relatives running to Big Gerry and Uncle Marty saying, leave off, or else they’ll kill even more of us. The UVF says that such is precisely why they did what they did. Brutal and vicious, by their own admission, but effectively so. Lastly, from one of the troops:

  • Skintowner

    In Reply To “Ulster Scot’s” comments, I am from Enniskillen, I am a Catholic by birth and am not a Sinn Fein supporter.
    I am not used to debating online but I would like to comment on your comments including the idea that British Unionists do not get the same treatment as Irish Nationalists! The Enniskillen bomb was a DISGRACE. It was brutal and was WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL. I think it shocked many members in Sinn Fein. It was a turning point in the Troubles.
    Has there been an organised campaign for an enquiry to the Poppy Day bomb from Unionists? I have not heard regulars calls from Unionists never mind “NATIONALIST or SINN FEIN/IRA voting EQUALITY LOVERS”. Do you want an inquiry into the RUC FOR NOT BRINGING THE KILLERS TO JUSTICE? Where the victims branded as terrorists – NO. Did the IRA plant the bomb – Yes. Is there anyone saying they didn’t – NO.
    Its totally different compared to Bloody Sunday in 1972. The state claimed that those killed where Not Innocent, they were murdered by out of control paras. I listened to a former Parachute Regiment Captain and author, AFN Clarke on either BBC or Sky 15/6. He accepted the Saville report and believed the soldiers who did the killing were wrong. He said that within there were rumours that there were renegades in 1 Para at that time, and the talk was that went on in Derry was wrong. He mentioned the self named Colonel Callan who was later dishonourably discharged due to his role in a robbery on a post office in Belfast. He also said he was Proud of the regiment.

    If there is evidence to suggest that the UK or Irish governments were involved in murders in Ireland, then there should be an inquiry. But what would an inquiry achieve into a murder if the IRA / UDA had accepted responsibility for the murder. The Derry inquiry was needed and is totally different accept for the fact that in both cases the victims were INNOCENT. As for the cost of the inquiry – It was a disgrace that the lawyers earned so much. The highest earners include Sir Christopher Clarke, QC, lead counsel for the inquiry and now a High Court judge, who received at least £4.5 million. Edwin Glasgow, QC, lead counsel for the British Armed Forces, earned more than £4 million for his work over several years. Gerard Elias, QC, also counsel for the Armed Forces, received £1.8 million. I was told that a barrister could be paid £1500 per day for just listening + taking notes! The British Government should have put a cap on the fees. The families of the victims in Derry didn’t get the millions.
    Its ironic that ‘Ulster Scot’ thinks the British Unionists are ‘hard done by’, on the day that an inquiry into working class people who were mainly Catholic were found to be murdered marching while marching for there Civil Rights! Please point out what I have or what I am entitled to that you are not. In the 50’s & 60’s were British Unionists calling for equality for Catholics in housing, education, voting rights etc. Today its the NationalistCouncillors who are far more prepared to share power in the Councils when they have control, unlike many DUP eg. Lisburn, Ballymena councils.
    Lets move on, lets live together!

  • Skintowner

    Alias – Read the Report – Open your Biased Mind – Educate Your Brain.

  • Skintowner

    Marcionite your blinkered mind is shocking & embarrasing. Give us an insight into your background / upbringing. Where are you from?
    You said
    ” Bloody Sunday was engineered by the IRA but dare that be ever mentioned.” So the IRA made the Paras pull the triggers. In previous marches they didn’t bother?

    You said “As for the people of Derry, what will they have to WHINGE about now?” You WOULD DO SOME WHINGING IF YOUR BROTHER WAS SHOT DEAD!

    “Again, what we see is what happens when terrorism wins. It pollutes everything in the body and spirit of the machinery of the state.” ITS YOUR MIND THAT IS POLLUTED

    Sectarianism at its WORST. OPEN YOUR MIND – GOD HELP YOU!

  • Brian

    Yes. I don’t get why this is so hard to understand.

  • Brian

    When the top PIRA shotcallers became more concerned with elections/international opinion this ensured there would be no kingsmill type retaliation to stop the UVF killing campaign. With no retaliation to fear, and with help from British Authorities, they were able to take out quite a few SF functionaries.

  • steadfast

    For crying out loud, will you listen to yourselves? The means don’t justify the end, surely that’s obvious to those with the meerest speck of conscience. Bla Bla Bla Bla. How is that most of you still believe that human life is not worth more than anything else? How do you sleep at night.

  • Marcionite

    How articulate of you. I have the right not to believe the Saville whitewash. We live in times that would have made Lord Halifax salivate ie giving into terrorists. The 14 dead terrorists were killed because they threatened the lives of the soldiers. The soldiers testimony plays this out but was rejected because the Romanist Tony Blair told Saville what the outcome should be. The past 12 years were a pantomime.

    There will never be a grubby Provo inbred Irish takeover off this part of Britain.

  • Marcionite

    14 dead UK terrorists ,Gregory Franklin. Spell your name correctly please. Every word of Irish is a bullet against the British as the great democrat Danny Morrison said. Why do you disbelieve the soldiers but not the families?

  • Marcionite

    Only joking. Excellent result from Saville. I just love winding you sanctimonious windbag up. I hope the families now have the peace they deserve. A truth commission is needed to give IRA/UVF victims a feeling of closure too otherwise this sore will run on

  • keano

    may not have happened if the brits werent silly enough to kill civilians on bloody sunday. biggest recruiter for i.r.a.
    all your crying, there was no i.r.a. until the british and unionists created it. why dont people understand that.
    civil rights is not an unreasonable demand but protestant bigotry is responsible for the troubles and when are they going to take responsibility for it. all their talk of terrorists, what did they expect, nationalists to turn the other cheek. wake up.
    protestant hate and bigotry is responsible for the troubles, now take responsibility!

  • grandimarkey

    So you’re right and David Cameron along with the entire British parliament, are wrong?

  • Jean Meslier

    “..There will never be a grubby Provo inbred Irish takeover off this part of Britain..”


  • midulsterunionist

    the British created the IRA? When did that one happen? I thought it was an offshoot of the IRB, civil rights should be for all people not just republicans who like to complain, truth was the old government kept everyone down not just nationalists but the fact that in 2010 republicans are still going about the late 1960’s shows just how far they have really moved on

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    The provos hijacked the CRM — that’s hardly news. Long after the civil rights demands had been met the provos continued to murder and destroy in the hope that they could achieve a UI. Now that strategy has miserably failed SF attempt to rewrite history, but no-one outside their fan club is buying it or could care less.

    I daresay we should be thankful that their new hobby is collecting votes rather than blowing people up.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Marcionite your comments are vile, delusional and a disgrace to anyone purporting to be a Unionist.

    First off NI is not part of Britain — it is part of the UK. Secondly it has been proved that the 14 dead on BS were NOT terrorists and is accepted as such by the British govt.

    The least you can do is accept that the British army, at whatever level, made a terrible error of judgement that day. Yes the march was illegal and yes there was violence and provocation. That does not excuse the use of live rounds and deliberate targetting of unarmed civilians.

    Every SF voter knows that they are voting for a party with much blood on their hands. Unionists cannot bury their heads in the sand and pretend that the violence was all one way. Your attitude makes George Seawright sound like a reasonable man. Sit down and have a think about the offensive nonsense you’re coming out with.

  • Skintowner

    midulsterunionist you are correct when you said “civil rights should be for all people not just republicans who like to complain, truth was the old government kept everyone down not just nationalists”
    BUT THE PROBLEM was the that Working Class Protestants followed their politicans who told them the Opposite!

    And some are still misleading them like Gregory Campbell last night.

  • Skintowner

    Dead on ! You said too much.

  • Alan N/ARDS

    You have to admire the families of the people killed in Londonderry on that terrible day. Fair play to them for fighting to clear their loved ones names. I would do the same. What I cannot understand though, is them embracing former leaders of the provo killer gangs outside the Guildhall. What must the families of Jean McConville, the two RUC officers who were murdered two days before Bloody Sunday and hundreds of other families bereaved by the provos be thinking? I personally found this repulsive and any sympathy I had for the families started to go. I really did find this nauseating.

  • midulsterunionist

    Skintower… working class unionists didn’t just go along for the heck of it, they were told that it was disloyal to question the government and they were told that immortal fable of “if you behave and do what your told and work hard one day you too can be rich” now we know it was a load of bollocks but we are starting to feel like we are all alone, the government is snuggling up to the shinners, and we the “loyal” people of ulster are forgotton… we all talk about peace but all that is happeneing is unionists are getting more and more excluded from politics and republicans are getting more and more appeasement……

  • Cormac Mac Art

    That may be the case up north, but believe me, down here, southern hostility to republicans remains the same. I would’nt worry about a united Ireland in this lifetime as there is no great gra for it among the people who count.

  • Cormac Mac Art

    Actually, NI is part of the UK, not Britain. And for your information, Ireland does not want you. So be happy!


    This is my first outing here so I begin rather arrogantly with my message to both Nationalists and Unionists:

    To Nationalists :
    Deep down, unionists have no problem with finding the 14 deaths deemed unlawful and that the 14 are exonerated. Unionists have a problem however with what is seen as the ignoring of the atrocities that affected Unionist communities. They see Derry’s celebrations yesterday as slightly triumphalist, I hasten to add not by the families but by SF etc. Seeing SF take the moral highground frankly makes a lot of Unionists sick but in no way does any right thinking person disagree with Saville and we wish the families well. Please understand that while you are undergoing a catharsis for Bloody Sunday, that Unionists also need their catharsis too. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission where every participant, be it killer, terrorist, victim etc can give frank and open testimoney with absolute clemency so that the truth can out. SF do act very arrogantly. They talk about a heirarchy of victims not existing but they seem to see their own victims as more equal than others. This is the perception amongst Unionists and no amount of arguing on this forum or anywhere else will change that. You have to reach out and understand Unionist concerns. This doesn’t mean you cease being a Nationalist. At the end of the day, the British could leave tomorrow but that would not guarantee a united Ireland. If you want 1 million extra British souls to be brouight into an all Irish Republic, now is the time to show generosity and magnamnamity (cant’ spell that word). My message to Unionism is below:

    To Unionists : agreeing with something that happens to be agreeable to your enemy does not make that something become intrinsically wrong. This is dangerous logic and its the self defeating logic that had dogged Unionism for decades. Yes, you support the British Army and I understand your cultural heritage and loyalty to the Army but it does take a hard heart not to see that what happened on Bloody Sunday was wrong. Saying that the Army got it wrong once or twice is not the same as a blanket admonishment of the Army nor is it the same as supporting the IRA. By supporting Saville, lets take Unionism to the moral highground. You cannot reach out to Roman Catholics by castigating Saville. To preserver the Union, you will need RC support in the near future. Think tactically at least or with largesse and common sense at most. By doing this, take the wind out of Republican sails and also ask for a Truth and Reconcilation Commissoin so that all crimes can be given their just investigation and airing.

  • Cormac Mac Art

    … can’t wait to read the reaction to this …. good job I’m safe down in Ireland ….

  • Alan N/ARDS


    Coudn’t agree more. I would also like to add that it was good to see the churchmen meeting with the families today. I was a bit concerned that the provos would try and hijack the meeting. Thankfully they didn’t.

    Maybe it is time for the Roman Catholic leaders to visit the Fountain, just to show solidarity with the protestants on the West Bank who genuinely believe that they are not welcome there.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Ha … the Irish language getting now again!

    BTW, the British soldiers were the ones carrying the loaded rifles on the day with the thoughts of shoot to kill in their heads! The shame of it all is insurmountable.


  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    “the British created the IRA?”

    When the Brits executed the the 1916 leaders……a terrible blunder on their behalf that changed Irish opinion and Ireland’s future direction.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    If the working class British Unionist/Loyalist folk of NI were deprived in any way of rights and entitlements as the Irish Nationalists were, well then why in the bloody hell did’nt they go out and join the rest of the Civil Rights marchers and make their protest on the streets. Na, they were too happy to toe the line of the NI Unionist status quo…. some of them joining in with the B Specials and hurling abuse and stones at the Civil Rights marchers. In any way, it’s too late to cry about it now.