Saville achieves scientific measure of British Governments attitude to truth – £199,999,976.05.

In the advent of Saville there is a cacophony of wailing and gnashing of teeth from unionist political representatives  about the costs associated with the Inquiry.

Let me be clear, the cost of Saville means little to me. If it removes the stain of the British establishment’s Widgery-brand whitewash then it was worth it.

However if bean counting over state murder is your bag the estimated £200m was completely avoidable. When the British Govt. decided to establish an enquiry all they needed to do was to cut another key to the archive room (top estimate £4.00) give it to a representative of the families or an independent figure of international standing and allow them to copy the papers (splashing out at £19.95) without fighting them at every legal turn.

The only additional cost was their attitude to the truth.

You could have handed the whole lot over to the United Nations to oversee a report although if you wanted to keep things local a decent historian like Eamonn Phoenix would have bitten your arm off to analyze the material.

So there you have it folks, £200m reduced down to £23.95. With that sort of economic creativity I may submit my CV to Deloitte or PWC. At least I’ve achieved plenty of margin to build in my fee.

Well you know what they say?…. You have spend money to save money…..!


  • Alias

    The State reclaims half of the expenditure back via income tax within a year, anyway. Lawyers live well, so the bulk of the remainder can be written off as a Keynesian fiscal stimulas package for the economy.

    Now, in regard to attitude, I’d quite like what the attitude of the Security Services would be if old soldiers are put on trial by the State for murder while members of sectarian murder gangs are protected by the State.

    I suspect that Shinners touts would be outted left, right and centre if that were to happen…

  • Alias

    Typo: “…I’d quite like to see what the attitude of the Security Services…”

  • DC

    Well I s’pose we should see the bright side of such fees in that it all gets recycled back in to the local economy somewhere and improves lifestyles in the end.

    It helps those lawyers, helps maintain their own children’s aspirations, getting them on in life up the ladder and rings the tills of Apple at Victoria Square. Maybe even over at Lunns too pressies for the wives and kids an’ all.

    Every cloud and all that, but only if you’re into that kinda thing oul Micky.

    (Throws back into chair and smugly lights a big thick ceeegar and blows out plums of lush smoke) that’s justice for ya pal. Aint she sweet n’all.

    What would the church do without sinners and the lawyers without crime?

  • Drumlin Rock

    Would much prefer the “economic stimulus” to be given to doctors, prob over paid too but of some more use.

  • Cynic

    I am sure that the vinyards of Bordeaux and cellars of Opporto are suitably greatful

  • Cynic

    Ha…so you think Saville was about ‘truth’? So why then was not everyone prepared to tell the truth or even the whole story?

  • joeCanuck

    Get over it. The money is spent; in economic terms, sunk costs. Some of it will have been recycled if you care to check out the houses of the lawyers involved; money spent locally. But it’s gone. No more gnashing of teeth.

  • shelly madden

    Joe Canuck,
    It might cost a lot for Saville, please tell the readers of Slugger Otoole how much it cost Canada for the G 8 and G20.

  • kevin moran

    You’d need to factor in the costs for the set-up in Guildhall Square this am. Big screen, stage set and a parade to come. Just dandered past and it all looks very impressive, sort of a fleadh whinge kind of thing. Very dignified.

  • joeCanuck

    $1Billion and growing, Shelly, and the numbers of the pissed off citizenry are growing at a faster rate.

  • Stephen Orme

    “Old soldiers”? What, they killed unlawfully 38 years ago so it doesn’t count? Don’t try to put an expiration date on murder.

    I agree that the release of IRA members was wrong(so was the release of Unionist paramilitaries – who can forget Michael Stone’s enchanting “performance” at the Assembly’s front door). But British soldiers are no less immune to criminal prosecution, simply because they are British soldiers.