Fermanagh Fleadh

The Fermanagh Fleadh was held this weekend in the village of Derrygonnelly. A largely good time seems to have been had by all with the assorted music competitions enjoyed by all. There was also a procession of various floats, cars and motorbikes. Unfortunately there was a bit of controversy when one float contained a joke float of cash machine raiders “Coming to a Town near you.” The “raiders” wearing balaclavas and carrying pretend guns proceeded to dismount the float and point the pretend weapons at various passers by. Whilst some seem to have taken this in good spirits this was not a universal feeling with some fleadh goers finding it unacceptable. Hopefully the committee will take this more seriously than they seemed to at the time.


  • Ardmhacha

    There’s an idiot in every town, whoever thought that would be funny needs a good auld slap.

  • HeinzGuderian

    What’s a fleadgheded………….and would one plow it,or drink it ?? 🙂

  • Come on it’s obviously quite funny. Whoever takes personal offence at the robbing of cash machines are just looking to be offended.Losers.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Someone should have had the cop on to stop those gobshites. Never had you down as a trad fan Turgon, as the All-Ireland fleadh is down the road from you this year will you be representing Slugger there?

    (Heinz, as someone who thinks it appropriate to name himself after a Nazi who should have been tried for war crimes perhaps you should leave the humour to others).

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Yeah sure damaging people’s businesses — community shops etc, robbing cash to fund god knows what and pointing guns, pretend or not, at the public is a right old laugh.

  • Dec

    It’s not clear from the post whether you were at the Fleadh, Turgon.

  • Rory Carr

    I imagine that this float was especially designed by caring commitee members who were concerned that Turgon would have nothing else to complain about otherwise.

    It is part of the process of reaching out to all of the community and, on this occasion, I am happy to say it seems to have worked.

  • dantheman

    Did you see it in person Turgon?

  • Thomas Mourne

    A fleadh is number 5 on the list of reasons for an Irish booze-up, after a wake, a wedding, a christening and winning a football match.
    There are 201 other reasons, or maybe more.

  • aquifer

    They are robbing our money now

  • USA

    If it’s true then it was out of order, and the committee should be made aware of the inappropriare nature of the float.
    However I’m still waiting to hear from Turgon if he was actually there and saw this for himself.

  • Greenflag

    Hang on a minute here . The Banks have been stealing from the people through exorbitant and usurious fees , charges , insurance swindles and who knows what these past several years .
    Fair is fair – If the banks can steal from the people why can’t the people steal from the banks .

    Robin Hood would have approved ;)?

  • Rory Carr

    Spot on, Greenflag. This float was clearly an impish community satirical retort to the major form of bank robbery that has been and continues to be daily perpetuated throughout civil life – the robbery of honest citizens by the banking industry. To read the curmudgeonly pooh-poohs of the self-righteous on here as to the “inappropriateness” of the float only confirms for me its success in hitting its target.

    If, as I believe, it is true that more than a slight tremor of quiet approval, of “Good on you, boy” greets the news of each and every reapplication of bankers’ cash by an enterprising band of robbers then the banks have only themselves to blame, hated and detested as they are by the public for their own dishonesty, manipulation and the quite destructive hold that they have over the life of John Q. Public.

  • dmcoop

    What a load of rubbish, the banks claim on their insurance, the premiums go up and the charges to customers follow.

    If these guys are modern day Robin Hoods I don’t see much giving to the poor. Unless the poor are old volunteers who need to have their pensions paid?

  • sdelaneys

    Those wee holiday homes in Donegal don’t build themselves.

  • Turgon

    I have updated blog with a photo of the float mentioned

  • Rory Carr

    Much less threatening than a letter of foreclosure on one’s home I would have thought.

  • DG

    Idiots idiots idiots, there is no escaping those who would take offense and be so sensitive to what was clearly intended as a comment on what happens in everyday life now.
    I saw the float was beside police officers at the time and everyone in my company – police included -took it in the manner it was intended – jest.
    To have such a pathetic cloud of righteous indignation (probably an unintelligible phrase to the type that would take offense to such a float) overshadow an event that was a success for the competition winners and revelers is a disgrace.
    There are people out there who will find fault no matter what.