Yizwa imithandazo yethu

Its unusual for me to moan or promote a personal agenda on Slugger so I hope I will be forgiven this selfish entry.

South Africa should hold its head in shame. They have disgraced themselves on the international stage and brought pain to countless millions. Today saw a suffering launched on the world that makes apartheid seem a minor transgression.

The vuvuzela

I have already joined a Facebook group in protest and my anger will surely grow until FIFA or the UN take action over this travesty.

Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk has banned spectators from blowing them at his team’s training sessions.

And twitter across the world is pretty cross.

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  • A great cause Mark. In a Slugger first, you may actually receive cross community support!!

  • joeCanuck

    In Pete’s words to me: Wise up. It’s great fun; sounds like a beehive and your brain filters it out after about 89 minutes.

  • Alias

    They should catch a grip and ban those bloody things from the games. The TV ratings are bound to drop over the weeks ahead as folks get sick of that infernal droning noise in the background.

  • Alias

    “…sick of that infernal droning noise in the background.”

    And no, I wasn’t referring to Joe’s wife nagging him to get off the computer and do some gardening…

  • Mark McGregor


    I have a feeling you may be in a minority but then again I’ve long suspected you to be working with the SASS.

  • sdelaneys

    well said Joe, just what I thought, bees at work and it setled into the background very fast as I watched the game.
    Blow on, blow your hearts out and never mind us irish who will send you the likes of michael flately or even, god help us, hugo duncan.

  • Greenflag

    Mark and Alias are right . The cursed things are a damn nuisance !!! McGregor is forgiven .
    Brilliant goal by Tshabalala against the overall run of play and then the South Africans give away an easy equaliser with three unmarked Mexicans in the penalty area -Sheeeeeeeeesh

    Reminds me of a team or two closer to home:(

  • al

    Oh give over it’s better than listening to the English commentators. In fact I normally watch the game on mute and listen to the radio instead.

  • Banjaxed

    Yeah, Mark. Spot on! The VuVu and the BoBo (aka Bodhran).
    Both should be isolated on Robbins Island and the plug pulled.
    Result: peace & tranquility in Sth African football matches and in Irish Trad Sessions.

  • stewart1

    I blame Gerry Adams

  • Was able to watch the last period of France and Uruguay match. It’s funny that the first two matches were tie. Wondering about the next matches results.

  • Can we add bagpipes to the banned list?

  • Greenflag

    Likuphi ikamelo lokugezela?

    Ukhuluma isiNgisi na?

    Otherwise – Nein

    Come on Ingerland :)))) :::))

  • Greenflag

    Wondering about the next matches results.

    Well they won’t all be ties but there will be a lot of lost shirts and empty pants pockets and Paddy Power will be laughing all the way to College Green / Threadneedle St 🙁

  • Greenflag

    He gave Eve the feckin apple the swine ;(

  • dodrade

    Surely the worst torture device to come out of South Africa since the “necklace”.

  • It’s even got it’s own twitter page.


  • Bubbler

    I’m trying to watch South Korea v Greece right now, and I just keep wondering why it sounds like there’s a giant angry bee buzzing around the stadium….

  • Jane Jaffers

    It’s a brilliant sound.
    Epic and scary.


  • David Cather

    I did initially think this post was just kiljoys, but having watched a game I have to agree, it’s like a beehive for 90 minutes. And no singing! The thing was probably a good idea if people used them some of the time along with traditional chants, jeers and cheers, but the stupid plastic trumpet has taken over.

  • Argosjohn

    Can we add bagpipes to the banned list? Actually bagpipes are the only busking instrument banned in central Melbourne.

    I am amazed at this thread. Overweight white people want poor black people to have no fun. Thankfully, the Dutch will be kicked out early so they can go back to the tranquility of their dykes. Of course, for the Dutch to say anything about anything in South Africa, given their historical “contribution”, takes the biscuit. As does the arrogance of this thread.

    If white people played sports more and watched them less, they would not be the lily livered lumps that they are.

  • Rory Carr

    Bloody hell! You’ve all suddenly got over all your concerns about the threat posed to the planet by a mysterious ailment that is wiping out the bee population and now you’re all complaining about a noise that strongly resembles the droning of bees. I wish you’d make your bloody minds up.

    Stewart’s probably right – it’s all Gerry Adams fault (including the shortage of bees).

  • Alias

    “Overweight white people want poor black people to have no fun.”

    Anyone taking an objective view would agree that that noise pollution that sounds like the loud monotone drone of machines on an industrial estate does not enhance the viewers’ experience of the games but considerably detracts from it. It is only the brainwashed politically-correct types who would ignore the objective view and insist that the bloody droning was simply delightful multi-cultural wonderment and that anyone not indocrinated with that level of PC thought control must be a racist. It is also part of African tribal culture to defecate in open spaces, but at least the pitch is fenced off so that is one multi-cultural expereince that the viewer won’t get to see.

  • Rory Carr

    At least it’s a pleasant change from Last Night of the Proms.

  • joeCanuck

    They’re the bees knees.

  • Reader

    Argosjohn: Of course, for the Dutch to say anything about anything in South Africa, given their historical “contribution”, takes the biscuit.
    Surely the historical contribution was made by people who left the Netherlands hundreds of years ago and whose descendants aren’t actually Dutch? You might as well blame the Irish for Ronald Reagan.

  • Thomas Mourne

    I’m all for people [including poor black people] having fun but you can be sure that very few poor South Africans [no matter what their colour] can afford to attend a World Cup game, never mind buy a vuvu thing.

    I normally watch football on TV without sound, due to the inane remarks of commentators and “experts” and with soothing music in the background. That is a much more relaxing way to deal with the problem.

  • Rory Carr

    I am quite sure that it is much more relaxing, Thomas but I think you miss the point of watching top-class football somewhat, more especially the World Cup tournament. It is certainly not an attempt at relaxation. We expect thrills, heart stopping moments, elation, despair, anger, ecstatic joy anything but to be relaxed even if our favoured team is 3 goals ahead with 10 minutes left to play we do not relax, nor, above all do we expect our team to relax either.

    Anyway, Egerland could only scrabble a draw against the U.S.A. so we can chalk that failure up to Gerry Adams as well.

  • David Cather

    “Overweight white people want poor black people to have no fun.”

    How did a perfectly innocent thread about an annoying plastic trumpet suddenly become about post-imperial oppression. Get a life.

  • Greenflag

    ‘above all nor do we expect our team to relax either.’

    I thought the Greeks were very relaxed in their game against the South Koreans . They may even have been on a work to rule or possibly on strike ? I guess after all the excitement of the Greek economic crisis the World Cup is a bit of a downer for the Hellenes ?

    The ‘americans’ have finally arrived and if not yet at the top of the game they are most certainly in the middle of the second tier . Rooney had a poor day and can only improve in later games .

  • Mark McGregor

    Credit to the BBC, they seem to be able to counter the sound to some degree. Much easier to watch matches with them than RTE or UTV.

    Its been trending on twitter since shortly after the first match and is almost completely meeting negativity from football fans around the world.

  • George

    And you have been to how many football matches in South Africa exactly?

    You do have a mute button on your television you know.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ve got a rap worse than Barnes:

    You’ve got to hold the ball
    But do it at all the time
    You can be slow or fast
    But it must not get to the line
    They’ll always hit you and hurt you
    Green is crap
    Theres only one way to get beat
    Throw the ball in the back
    Catch it if you can
    Cos’ I’m the England man
    And what you’re looking at
    Is the disaster plan
    We are a bunch of tools
    This ain’t a football score
    Three lions on my chest
    I know we always go wrong

  • joeCanuck

    Look, if you watch a match like I just did (stupid Green) and concentrate on the noise, it will certainly drive you crazy. If you concentrate on the play, the noise fairly quickly is ignored by your brain, if you have a properly functioning one. Get with it.

  • Alias

    The real fun will come after the games when the law suits for hearing loss by spectators at the games who were not warned about the health and safety hazzard to their hearing by the organisers of the games, despite those organisers being aware of the danger.

    “The actual sound output created by the vuvuzela was recently reported to reach dangerously high levels, averaging 131 dB(A) at the horn opening and 113 dB(A) at a 2-metre distance from the vuvuzela.2 These values exceed international directives on exposure limits in occupational settings. Although there is significant variability in individual susceptibility, prolonged or regular exposure poses a significant risk for noise-induced hearing loss.3-5 Recreational activities with excessively loud sound levels are an increasingly important public health care concern for developing permanent sensorineural hearing loss.” – SAMJ

    “Official match stadiums for the 2010 FIFA World Cup will house 90,000 spectators, three times more than the stadium used in this study. It is reasonable to suspect that sound intensity will be even higher in the larger official venues. The findings of this study support the recommendation for hearing protection of football match spectators. At the least, preventive measures, such as public awareness and personal hearing protection, are warranted.” – SAMJ

    “Exposure levels exceeded limits of permissible average and peak sound levels. Significant changes in postmatch hearing thresholds and cochlear responsiveness highlight the possible risk for noise-induced hearing loss. Public awareness and personal hearing protection should be prioritised as preventive measures.” – SAMJ

    Study details here.

  • USA

    I totally agree, those horns are very annoying. And before I forget….USA…USA…USA…USA…USA!!!!!

  • slappymcgroundout

    Containment, the British Petroleum way:

  • Mr Crumlin

    Get rid of the stupid things! Doing my head in!

    I see FIFA have commented they will see if there is a basis for a ban before adding they will be banned if someone throws one onto the pitch! Agent provocateur???

    Anyway I was gutted when an English supporter didnt step up to the mark when Green threw the ball into the net!!

  • Argosjohn

    I listened to some English “people” screaming and shouting last night as Great Satan were held to a draw by Little Satan. The USA “arrived” some time ago and acquitted thesmelves well in the USA finals for example. But Anglophiles and wanna be Brits cannot see further than the Chelsea Headhunters etc.
    Thankfully, both Great and Little satan will be kicked out soon and the civilised world can get on with it.
    It would be a simple matter for a TV station to dampen the noise so the armchair grannies would be ok. i suspect some of you were watching The Trooping of the Colour by Elizabrit last night instead.

    Still, the big ones are on now: the GAA championship that is.

  • I did actually laugh out loud in the shop earlier when i saw the front cover of one of the sundays with a big picture of the goalie Green fumbling after the ball under the words “Hand of clod”

  • Argosjohn

    Maradoona’s wit will live forever.

  • bulmer

    Apparently the CIA are taping matches so that they can the sound instead of waterboarding terrorists. This assumes anyone anywhere will be able to hear anything after a few weeks of this.

    And a couple of True Blue flute bands are trying to play The Sash on the thing so they can switch to it when passing the odd chapel. They’re hoping for a Walls of Jerico moment.

  • Thomas Mourne

    Rory Carr expects “thrills, heart stopping moments, elation, despair, anger, ecstatic joy” in a football match.

    I expect what I get – 11 goals in 7.5 games so far [half-time in Ger-Aus] or 1 goal per hour. Yawn!

    That’s why I can’t bear to sit thro’ a full game, even if mighty Ingerland are being nearly beaten by a crowd of baseball players. The “highlights” are more than enough for me.

    Perhaps that’s also why the TV companies give us 115 replays of one goal from 17 different angles.

  • joeCanuck

    Actually, I am amazed at the change over the years in the ability of the TV folks to get in close and move the cameras about as if they were on a helicopter platform. I can remember when it was two fixed cameras, in black and white and grainy.