Police attacked by crowd in north Belfast

In contrast to the successful musical approach, reports from UTV and the Belfast Telegraph highlight the reality of policing on the streets of [north] Belfast.

From the UTV report

Two police officers have been taken to hospital following a disturbance in north Belfast.They sustained cuts and bruising to their faces and hands when they were attacked by a crowd at Ballysillan Road on Monday afternoon.

It happened as they spoke to three men they had stopped in the course of their patrol, shortly after 4.30pm.

And from the Belfast Telegraph

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  • Mark McGregor

    Jesus. Incident happens. Why blog this?

    I was tripped up, give that an entry.

    Seriously, I can deal with an agenda but this crap…

    (this is just leeching a media entry with absolutely no added value – its worse, by setting it up here there is a pretence it has added value, none has been given)

  • lamhdearg

    spot the dif
    music cs gas

  • lamhdearg

    No arrests three arrests

  • lamhdearg

    No police hurt / police hurt

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    It doesnt appear to be a very significant incident, unless of course related to any other incident in North-ish Belfast over the past few days.

  • lamhdearg

    In contrast to the successful musical approach, reports from UTV and the Belfast Telegraph highlight the reality of policing on the streets of [north] Belfast.


  • West Sider

    I think it is reflecting annoyance in loyalist areas at stop and search after the UVF shot someone dead on the Shankill.

    I think it is a valid post. I’m surprised Mark hasn’t picked up on that given his angst at the same thing happening in republican areas.

    Or maybe he’s being mischievous. If so, yawn.

  • Comrade Stalin

    this is just leeching a media entry with absolutely no added value

    Unlike that entry you did a couple of weeks ago with the word “cock” in it.

    And I really appreciated the news value in the “SDLP take oath” shocker.

  • Pete Baker


    You never did get my blogging.

    Why would you start now? 😉

  • West Sider

    Editorial standards, CS.

    Mick really needs to draw up some guidelines. Otherwise, incredibly silly people get to blog here and drag the entire site down.

    The thing about the internet is marking yourself out as professional and having authority. This will distinguish you from the sea of shite that is out there in the form of blogs and amateur discussion sites.

    Slugger just needs to cross that line toward professionalism and it is made.

    Brian Walker, Eamonn Mallie, Paul Evans, Pete Baker (who I can’t abide) and Mick himself pull toward the authoritative, consistent, professional and valuable – others pull in another direction.

  • Pete Baker

    Cheers Westie. 😉

  • West Sider

    You have no idea how painful that was to write, Pete.

    I strongly disagree with your views and agenda, and like all hacks in the op ed game, you do have one, but you’re consistent and professional.

    And you make no secret of it, which is admirable, I suppose.

    To get back on thread, I don’t live too far from the Ballysillan, and it seems this is all to do with an increased police presence investigating the UVF murder.

  • lamhdearg

    I do agree with you West sider, However i also wan’t mark and turgon and the rest to keep going (variety is the spice).ps was it uvf or members that killed.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I think thats a little unfair.
    I have had a few disagreements with Mr McGregor but I find him a breath of fresh air.
    At least he doesnt take the whole “professional” Journlaism thing seriously and dares to go against conventional wisdom.

    Christ…..that was hard to say.

  • Pete Baker


    I’ve pointed this out before, but I’ll do it again.

    I don’t tend to do op-ed pieces.

    The only agenda is to try to get a glimpse of what is actually going on.

    The archive’s there if you disagree.

  • West Sider

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t comment, rather they should be subjected to editorial guidelines and even a house style guide.

    The person killed on the Shankill was certainly murdered by the UVF – there is no question about that.

    You can read The Irish News or The Guardian to get a fuller picture of the backstory, and who was involved. In fact, if you read the Irish News on Saturday you could then Google to find out the name of person Moffat crossed.

  • lamhdearg

    I dont need to read the papers on this one West, And i certainly would not read the irish news or guardian to get an unbiased view on loyalist west belfast.

  • West Sider

    Fair comment, Pete. But please stop referring to me as Westie. There was forummer on here with that name – and although I may have used it once – I am not that person.

  • Pete Baker

    Will do, West Sider.

  • i received a 27 page pdf as regards blogging on here and though i haven’t been blogging very long but i am trying to maintain my own standard which i hope will be seen as consistent and a valuable insight into things that perhaps don’t make it into the msm

  • RepublicanStones

    I mentioned this earlier here….


    it would be a bit of a stretch to say the police were attacked. the injury to the officers no doubt happend when they all fell over after dragging the man off the wire fence he had interlocked his fingers into.

  • RepublicanStones

    I mentioned this earlier on the UVF ceasefire thread

    To say the police were attacked would be overstating it. The injury probably happned to the officers as they fell after dragging the man off the wire fence he had interlocked his fingers in.

  • Rory Carr

    These flare-ups are inevitable. Just so long as no one is badly injured I am sure we can tolerate them although it would be nice if we could a wee bit more civility.

    I am of course referring to the ongoing feud between our esteemed correspondents, McGregor and Baker.

    Anyone would think they’re a married couple at times.

  • GreenBack

    Slightly off topic but an interesting development reported on the BBC website today:

    “Groups representing police officers in England said they are concerned that their officers could be deployed in Northern Ireland if trouble flares up during the summer.”

    The BBC report seems to suggest it’s just a multi force training agreement. While the Yorkshire Post seems to have echoes of earlier fears when soldiers not policemen were sent over to ‘Ulster’


    “Michael Downes, chairman of the West Yorkshire Police Federation, said he had “considerable” concerns about the plans. He said: “If police officers were deployed to Northern Ireland, I’d be really concerned about how the communities would receive those officers. They may become targets, because of where they come from.

    Another interesting quote: from Duncan McCausland, assistant chief constable with the PSNI, said if they were deployed, they would only patrol “less contentious” areas – unless there was a significant rise in violence, in which case they would be moved nearer the front line.

    Are GB police forces being lined up as a replacement for the British Army should things kick off?

  • soud1

    Just a normal day in Belfast, nothing new there.

    On the other hand I think it’s about time that our Chief Constable Matt Baggott resigned. After telling the world that we have enough resources to deal with any terrorist and public order issues it turns out that plans are afoot to put police from UK mainland forces out on the street.

    Don’t be fooled about the nonsense put out to the press about training purposes only. This has been mooted by the so called Senior Management Team for the past couple of months as they have realised that there are’nt enough resource’s to deal with severe public order.

    The plan would be to have them backed up by the ARV’s as naturally they would be unarmed. The thinking behind it is that hopefully there wouldn’t be any hostillity towards these guys being unarmed and from other forces.

    Nonsense. Please resign Mr Baggott, you’d be doing all the police a favour.

  • soud1

    Yes they are and don’t believe anything else from the likes of McCausland or any other of the so called Top Team.
    Its madness.Again Baggott is plainly out of his depth.He will not say that we don’t have the resources.This all smacks of desperatiion and no-one has the guts to say we can’t cope if serious public disorder kicks off

  • Jimmy Mack

    There police were armed, so why didnt they shoot the scum

    This softly softly approach is a load of crap and just encourages the scumbags

    a bullet in the leg, or the head if possible, would send a message that their crap wont be tolerated

  • jon the raver

    I thought something similar when I read the SDLP blog on taking up the oath

  • lamhdearg

    Surly the garda riot squad would be a better choice to face down irish nats hoods/rioters?.

  • Alias

    Good one!

  • Michael

    4chan vs rss feed
    news at eleven

  • Reader

    lamhdearg: Surly the garda riot squad would be a better choice to face down irish nats hoods/rioters?
    Unconvincing, after the failure to manage the Love Ulster march in Dublin.

  • jim

    how do u know it was the uvf who murdered him