Bangkok 2010 – Belfast 1969?

Gun fire, burning buildings and a sense of impending social and political chaos… For the genuine Belfast circa 1970 experience, come to Bangkok… Where the past is not simply drawn up on murals, it is very much present…

Thanks to our Stephen for the photo…

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  • Argosjohn

    Might be an idea for a movie here. Autocratic state, rampant racism, a monarch idolised as a god, corrupt state etc etc

  • Rory Carr

    Intact windows. Lack of broken glass and rubble lying about. No smoke. I think that this picture only indicates that these Thai fellows are only at the beginning of their apprenticeship as serious rioters.

  • argosjohn

    Either that or the soldiers are waiting for the Holy hour to end.
    I see Fat Arse Fergie, one of England’s royalty has fallen from grace. Thai royalty don’t do that.