Sinn Féin: “a criminal gang whom we consider has connections to MI5”

Via Newshound.  Here’s an interesting little story to consider from the News Letter

A SINN Fein property has been razed to the ground in an apparent arson attack in south Armagh.

The portable building in the Ford Cross area, close to Silverbridge, was used by the Burns Moley cumann as both a meeting place and for storage.

It said a number of historical artefacts were also destroyed in the blaze.

Councillor Colman Burns condemned the incident, which took place in the early hours of Thursday morning.

“We believe this cowardly attack was perpetrated by a criminal gang whom we consider has connections to MI5,” he said. [added emphasis]

“This gang was also responsible for recent defacement of both council property and various other premises, including the Sinn Fein office in Crossmaglen.”

And they would know.  Wouldn’t they?

Well? Wouldn’t they?