The 2002 Stormont raid and those meddling securocrats….

I’ve a piece in the News Letter’s political supplement today which looks at the shifting dynamics of the last ten years of politics in Northern Ireland… In looking back through Slugger’s archives I came across some very interesting pieces… not least this observation from Anthony McIntyre at the Blanket written towards the end of October in 2002… Here’s the last paragraph:

It is often claimed by Sinn Fein that moves such as the search of Sinn Fein offices at Stormont are the work of British securocrats who aim to destabilise the Good Friday Agreement. If some of the press reports from the Sunday after the event are reliable then – the case of Denis Donaldson totally aside – some may be forgiven for suspecting that the IRA intelligence system is infiltrated by securocrats. That system, allegedly, more than anything else has given both Sinn Fein and those in favour of the Agreement a headache that will be slow curing in the months ahead.

Anthony now blogs at the Pensive Quill

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  • aquifer

    Or were there people in Sinn Fein IRA who were even then trying to ride two horses: Tactical Use of Armed Struggle and Totally UnArmed Struggle. Did the Brits simply hold them to their public word and stop their spying scheme? That is the kind of thing a state security apparatus does in a democracy.

    It would always have been be hard for Sinn Fein to deny requests by the IRA. The IRA are accomplished bullies and assassins who know where Sinn Fein activists live for sure, and can find out about the rest of us in time.

    What else may they have asked for in terms of a plan B? A fresh intake of youthful lilywhites who have never been in a holding centre to be persuaded to inform?

    A readiness to use local anti-social behaviour rioting and arson as sub-deadly force, disruptive enough to sabotage a modern economy without the body parts in binbags?

    Career subversives will have discussed all options.