Does The Constitution Really Matter?

Naomi Long in a T.V. interview said that there were no flags on her election literature, and denied she is a Unionist stating that there are Protestants, Catholics, Unionists Nationalists and Republicans in the Alliance party and the door of the party stand open for all. Since all are welcome so must Fascists Marxists Anarchists and Nihilists be welcome in Alliance. As for the Catholics and Protestants in the party it is to be hoped that these are of the tame friendly kind not the feral vicious kind as can be found in the D. U. P. and Sinn Fein. Since there are Unionists Nationalists and Republicans in the party it must be that in Alliance each member can adopt any constitutional stance that takes the member’s fancy so Alliance is constitutionally weird and wonderful.

But while Naomi denies it she is in her behaviour a practicing Unionist. She has taken a seat at Westminster and in doing so she recognises the Union Jack as the U.K. flag. She has taken an oath of allegiance and recognises the Queen as Head of State of the U.K. so she is clearly a Unionist despite her denials on T.V. So in the muddle –headed Alliance Party constitutional skulduggery abounds. But the Alliance Party isn’t alone in that.

Officially the S.D.L.P. is a constitutional Nationalist party. That constitution is the U.K. constitution and thus the S. D. L.P. should display all emblems and symbols associated with the U.K. constitution but the party doesn’t. According to the writing of Mark Durkan the S.D.L.P. is the party of true Republicans striding towards an all Ireland Republic in which there is a place for Unionists. Alasdair Mc Donald says exactly the same thing. So how are Unionists with a contradictory conflicting U.K. constitution to be incorporated into an All Ireland Republic? The Mind Boggles! Such a united Ireland would be in the same sorry constitutional sectarian mess as N. Ireland is currently in. The constitutional chicanery of the S. D. L. P. is unbelievable.

Sinn Fein rejects U.K. constitution and is consistent in refraining to sit at Westminster but there the consistency ends. They sit in a U.K. constituted assembly at Stormont and are now crypto-unionists propping up a Right wing Union Jack Unionist assembly They are Republicans in theory only in that Sinn Fein has the tricolour but haven’t a constitution to go with it. De Valera’s 1937 constitution could have been a possible constitution for Sinn Fein but with the withdrawal of Articles 2and3 leaves Sinn Fein without a constitutional leg to stand on. The British pulled a fast one on the Irish in the withdrawal of these articles because to fly a Tricolour as the National Flag of Ireland in Northern Ireland is as meaningless and foolish as would the flying of a pair of knickers tied to a stick as the National Flag of Ireland in Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein should leave the Assembly but they won’t do that, as they are more interested in their wallets than in any constitution. Their constitutional shenanigans are shameless.

The D.U.P. accepts and supports U.K. constitution Bu t the party conveniently ignores that a constitution must have the overwhelming support of the people if the state is to be stable. There is only marginal majority support for the constitution in Northern Ireland so it is imposed on a significant section of the population who reject it. David Cameron claims the constitutional issue in Northern Ireland is now settled; this is conservative theory but if David visits the Falls and the Shankill and the Sandy Row and the Bogside and the Fountain and the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone he will find the integrity of the constitutional quarrel continues and is unresolved. In this the constitutional skulduggery of unionism is shameless.

I have worked on the Irish problem for some time in pragmatic published writing. The thesis of this work is that the Irish problem is a constitutional problem and to arrive at a stable non-sectarian Ireland U. K. constitution should be changed to The Federal Kingdom of The Sovereign Nation of Ireland and Great Britain or vice versa. This constitution would give Ireland a Reformed Crown as Head of State, one flag the Royal flag of Ireland, one Irish anthem, one Irish passport giving an Irish Identity along with a restructured police force for all Ireland and a restructured armed service for the Isles of the North Atlantic. There are no shenanigans in any of this but an honest attempt is made to shed new light on an old historic problem. But in a Northern Ireland where constitutional skulduggery chicanery and deception is the order of the day instability and violence will be endemic in the state.

Michael Gillespie


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