Fridays should be self directed

…. and paying people more doesn’t always result in better outcomes.

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  • Mick Fealty


  • fitzjameshorse1745

    As Dr Phil on the Oprah Show……or maybe it was Oprah who said it on Dr Phils Show…….”eventually we outlive our fears”. If you are retired you dont fear unemployment and if you have no mortgage, you dont fear negative equity.
    Likewise most of the stuff that gets people worked up is sooner or later irrelevant.

    But dont start me on ……Journalists. 🙂

  • Rory Carr

    Since individual human happiness is essentially an attribute of one’s ability to forget self and that the forgetting of self is best attained by being of help to others than oneself these studies are hardly surprising. Indeed the sociologist and psychoanalyst, the late Erich Fromm for whom, “the decisive question is whether the individual is able to develop a productive character organisation – that is, to be a social being and thus to be related to others and to oneself in away that is oriented towards the development of love, reason and productive work: the humanistic goals”, has been banging on in much same vein for 50 years.

    Hardly surprising, we might think, when the masters from whom Fromm drew most of his inspiration were the Buddha, the Christ, the Meister Eckhart, Marx and Freud each of whom reached pretty much the same conclusion.

  • Not only glass bottles which are recycled.

    Anybody for example who has been involved in a staff suggestion scheme will know that the majority of participants place greater emphasis on recognition than on financial reward. Very often that their contributions are acknowledged is enough, that and the development of an environment where employees’ creativity is recognised.

    In any event it is much easier to achieve 10% improvement in 100 things than say 1000% improvement in one thing and the good feelings are spread around. It seems that Superbrains may not achieve the 1000 per center (albeit being at the top of the pay scale) and the burden falls on the rest of the workforce (us) who must content ourselves with incremental improvements. But small incremental improvements, when aggregated, are humungous.

    As i say above, been around for years.

  • wee buns

    Good animation, yet a convoluted set of explainations to say that :
    Absence of any form of political authority is The creative way to live.
    Anarchy, in a word.

  • Newt

    Marx was a proponent of the concept that when individuals agree economic transactions freely amongst themselves the rich steal the product produced by the poor, and ergo that there should be a revolution. Material envy as a political philosophy.

  • Rory Carr

    You really need to read a wee bit more of Marx, Newt, before you start passing asinine comments on his philosophy. I would suggest you might wish to begin with Francis Wheen’s excellent biography, Karl Marx, whose style and content is, as they say, accessible to the general reader. You can pick up a decent used copy on Amazon for a fiver. Happy reading !