Photograph of the Day – Belfast Sewers Project snagging

an engineer checks the path of the sewer at the Ormeau Park ahead of the completion of the £100 million project

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  • Cynic

    I think this is shocking. Allowing Prod waste to mix with good Republican Waste and forcing both to share the same sewer.

    I blame that Connor Murphy. Its all part of his Masterplan to sideline True Republicanism and at the same time force Protestants into a shared faecal future.

    There can be no compromise on this. All True Republicans and Loyalists must wake up to what is happening to their waste. As they sit on their throne reading An Phoblacht / The Sun and then pull the chain their Republican / Loyalist heritage is forced to co-mingle.

    The Segregate our Sewers Now will campaign against this.

  • Cynic

    You’re talking shite


  • joeCanuck

    Great riposte hehehe.

  • Cynic

    I am disappointed. Where’s a Mark MacGregor comment when you want one?

    Anyone for a white line protest?

  • View from Wavertree

    It would make a good caption competition……

    12th July 2690 – Earth’s last Orangeman walks down the Garvaghy Road.

  • Mark McGregor

    I would have gone with ‘On top of the turd, ma’