Hearts and Minds: Cameron, Parades and Human Rights…

By all accounts Eamonn McCann is on classic form (he’s up and down to Belfast all this week as Raytheon comes back to the Law Courts, claiming the new parades legislation breaches our basic human rights. Despite Cameron’s visit o we have any real idea of what’s in store for Northern Ireland from the Coalition? Finance Minister Sammy Wilson is put on the spot.

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  • Brian Walker

    Mick , NI is lucky enough to be neither sovereign nor in the euro. As John Simpson has pointed out again, our low productivity make us particularly vulnerable to public sector cuts. A more targeted switch to public investment in the private sector recommended by Barnett will take time, as Paterson seems to realise. While taxes will go up, NI will benefit from both a rise in the personal taxation threshold and corporation tax relief. This doesn’t exempt the Executive from making serious efficiencies nor from cuts in capital budgets on say, the UU’s move to central Belfast. Water charges and rates freezes seem like ticking time bombs and yet the outlook could be a lot worse. However I’d welcome the sort of expert overview the local media seldom provides.

    As I”ve already written I think Eamonn may well be right about the public meeting legislation and human rights. It also sits oddly with the new coalition’s pledge to strengthen the right of peaceful assembly in GB..

  • Oh ffs – cutting the civil service won’t make a damned bit of difference to productivity here Walker!

  • Cynic

    By Christmas I suspect either the Euro wont be here or Greece Spain Italy and Portugal wont be in it

  • Cynic

    Cutting the civil service here wont make any difference? Oh yes it will.

    1 if the cuts are organised on lack of performance and poor sick record it will

    2 if the cuts are accompanied by changes to make the civil service efficient, yes they will

    3 if we drop services we don’t need and cut wasteful expenditure, yes they will

  • Cynic

    Of course, we could take the Romanian approach. They just cut civil service salaries by 25% across the board and pensions by 15%. Ireland cut theirs so perhaps a modest 5% isn’t too much to ask here? But no. I see NISPA is out already demanding rises for next year.

  • slug

    There are many assets that can be sold

    *NI water
    *Belfast Port

    Not saying all these should be sold at once, but the people in England who work in these sectors are private sector workers, showing up that there is *a degree* of overstatement in our public sector employment problem relative to England’s.

  • Stephen Blacker

    Eamonn McCann was on top form on Hearts & Minds, he made John O’Dowd look very foolish. I really cant believe that 3 Shinners put their name to this draft bill. They must be so blinkered to getting rid of parades that they forgot about everyone else that would be effected.

    Also on Hearts & Minds I think it was very significant that Sammy Wilson was asked about water charges and in his reply he said, “we are already part paying for our water”

  • Lionel Hutz

    Im beginning to wonder if DUP have done a number on SF regarding this. DUP have now attached all assemblies in the parades issue. Having catholics stand up against any restriction on this would strengthen the DUPs position on taking away restrictions on parade!

    The two issues should never have been linked

  • J Kelly

    O Dowd rattled McCann rebel without a cause, brilliant. McCann had to come back to it at the end. Thompson stomped McCann by asking him how would he deal with contenious parades as usual McCann full of waffle and bluster about manning the barricades.

  • J Kelly

    Mick just noticed that you posted at 4.59 and start by stating by all accounts McCann is on classic form. H&M didn’t air til 7.30 so by who’s accounts was he in classic form. His own maybe.

  • Dixie

    And there was McGuinness telling us that the Orange State was gone forever.
    Some progress from the Adamsites bringing in draconian legislation to outlaw what they did in the past.

  • J Kelly

    dixie wat did gerry adams do on you…everything that is wrong in your world always comes back to gerry adams

  • Dixie

    It goes back to FST and 6 Hunger Strikers….

  • jim

    dont know wat he done on dixie…………but i know wat he done on me and countless others.he commited treason n seems to have gotten away with it.mrs mc conville was killed for less

  • J Kelly

    If you have hang ups regarding the outworking of the hunger strikes I dont believe that you do your case any justice by making snide comments against Gerry Adams and republicans in general at every opportunity. Unfortunately you allign yourself with a crowd who have see SF as the enemy on every issue. The prime example was many of your colleagues from RNU campaigning with McCann who stated in his election material that he “opposes militarism and always opposed paramilitarism”. I remember a comment from my youth around the time of the brit war with argentina, your enemies enemy is not always your friend. Is apt for many anti sf republicans today.

  • J Kelly

    there are at least 300000 of us who would take a lot of shooting if you feel your big enough

  • dixie says he has opposed sinn fein from 1981.

  • Dixie

    Well your party’s former enemies are now very much your British friends they even pay the grassroots loyality money.

    And as for the 300000 you speak of sure if people would vote for Fitt or Austin Curry to keep the Unionists out they’d vote for anybody but then again talking like the Stoops of old is nothing new for Shinners.

  • J Kelly

    dixie its good to see you are now coming out of your shell a few months back your were stating that your only interest was the hunger strike and you had no political axe to grind one way or another it obvious that you have an axe to grind and its with all things sf. the problem that you and a few others face is that sf are getting bigger and stronger by the day. i am sure that is a surprise to many who read the likes of this blogs and hear of the thousands upon thousands of republicans flocking to the wide variety of anti sf republican groups by the day.

  • Dixie

    You see J Kelly Fianna Fail would call themselves Republicans and they have thousands upon thousands of voters….

    You know as well as I do that should the Brits pull funding for all the so called community groups which PSF lord over that we’d see a hell of a lot of new anti-SF Republicans on the street.

    The Brits knew what they were doing when they started funding these groups in the 80s. Remember ACE schemes?

    That was at the time when Adams was setting out with Father Reid to get Haughey and Hume to help him find a way out of the War…

    The question is why start funding your enemies at a time when they are still violently opposing you?

    The answer is when you pay the wages you become the boss.

  • Lionel Hutz

    O’Dowd showed himself and his working party colleagues to be absolutely incompetent this evening. They made the parades issue the exvlusive preserve of Sinn Fein and the DUP. After 2 months they came up with a fudge. And McCann came to talk about the fact that the parties proposed legislation is ultra vires in the extreme in legislating for every type of public assembly.

    Then O’Dowd has the cheek to try to say that if anyone wants to challenge this abuse, they have to tell him how to deal with parades. Sorry John, that’s your job. Take some responsibility foryour proposals.

  • Alias

    I think J Kelly means that the more Stoop policies they adopt the more Stoop voters they attract.

  • al

    O’Dowd really doesn’t like Orange Parades does he?

    At the end of the day the remit was to deal with parades not to prevent public gatherings. If you want to stop Orange parades then define them don’t just sit there saying they find loopholes. Fix those loopholes. It seems like a very lazy piece of legislation.

  • wj

    O’Dowd even tried to shift the blame onto residents’ groups. Correct me if I’m wrong, but residents have always said they only oppose contentious marches.

  • But there tend to be residents groups (in this context) in place only where there are or have been parades which they regard as contentious, aren’t those the groups that O’Dowd was referring to ?

  • Mick Fealty


  • drumlins rock

    Have been thinking that slug, and wondering has Sammy been donig the same? although I persum water charges need to be introduced first.

  • Wabbits

    I thought McCann tore O’Dowd a new arsehole last night. O’Dowd and his cohorts had painted themselves into a corner and like any rat in that situation he got rattled and resorted to type by name calling McCann.

    The “rebel without a cause” comment was cheap and McCann and his causes were around when O’Dowd was originally spitting his dummy and throwing his rattley around.

    That comment was a sure sign that O’Dowd had lost the argument.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    10 Pounds (Euros) says you are wrong – proceeds to Slugger?

  • J Kelly

    wabbits it says something when stoops are defending mc cann. when asked by thompson for a solution mc cann stumbled and mumbled as usual its easy to band stand not that good at action.

  • al

    It’s not his job. It’s O’Dowds job as MLA to create the solutions.

  • Wabbits

    J Kelly,

    As McCann said of O’Dowd “a few years back you would have been complaining/marching alongside of me yourself” but now that O’Dowd and his pals have their arses on soft leather seats at Stormont and are claiming millions off the British exchequer they aren’t interested.

    Your myopia appears to know no bounds Mr/Ms Kelly. If a Shinner says it’s so then that seems to be good enough for you and your ilk.

    Oh, by the way, how much is an industrial wage these days? Can I buy a big house down beside Martin Maguiness and spend thousands doing it up on my industrial wage ?

    After all I too want to live in the kind of luxury that he does whilst my neighbours, who live yards away, survive on the bread line of miserable State handouts.

    God forbid that they might actually want to take to the streets to campaign against me expecting them to live on meagre rations. McGuinness wouldn’t want them congregating at Free Derry Wall. It would be just to close to his afluent lifestyle for his comfort.

    Now I really do understand what “ourselves alone” was really all about. It was and still is quite literal in its simplicity.

  • Newt

    A rather nonsensical tautology surely?

    If residents oppose it then by definition it is contentious, and if it is contentious then by definition resident’s oppose it.