Has the SDLP kissed and made up?

Conall McDevitt is reporting on his facebook:

“I have just been given responsibility for developing SDLP policy on a shared, safe society. Do get in touch if you would like to contribute.”

Having been granted dominion over one of his leaders core theme’s does this mean earlier reports of her preference for him as the influential Enterprise Committee Chair will not come to pass?

Has Alban Maginness been granted a stay of execution or is anyone else lined up? I expect we’ll find out soon enough.


  • Lionel Hutz

    This sounds like sense. McDevitt should never have got near an committee chair whilst he remains unelected. This would be better for him in the long-run

  • Cynic

    Ah yes….lets make appointment on longevity not ability. The old Bull Elephants in the party need to keep the young pretenders down for as long as possible.

    But hold on a minute …. in any other field, wouldn’t that be age discrimination?

    But of course the SDLP (along with all our other politicians) will have exempted themselves from that legislation, I assume.

  • slug

    I se no problem with Conal being made committee chair. He is able.

  • Framer


    He brokered the Good Friday Agreement almost singlehandedly. (see older Wikipedia entry version).

  • Charminator

    Agree entirely Lionel.

    I think perhaps also there’s a recognition in the pro-Labour camp that pushing too soon to quickly, to the chagrin of closet Soldiers of Destiny in the party, like McGlone or Bradley, might be a little too risky. Far better, the logical might go, to hold off and bide your time.

  • Charminator

    Would that be the Wikipedia entry he allegedly authored himself….

  • J Kelly


    It looks like the rumblings in Derry that i posted on Friday have now becom public, nothing like positions of high office to get stoops at each others throats. The kissing and making up will have to wait.

  • fp veritas

    I understand from the SDLP press office that the
    SDLP only employ 1 protestant in C 35 people

    Some of these people are paid for by the taxpayers

  • Wabbits

    J Kelly

    This is very much a non story and could have been written by anyone who has been following the development of the SDLP in Derry over the past five to ten years. All four people mentioned are senior people in the SDLP in Derry. Maybe the story should really read “Shock As SDLP Select From Experienced & Hard Working Politicians”

    I would expect that there won’t be any problems for the Derry SDLP in selecting the right person.

    Every political party should have a proper selection processes with regard to who they select to represent the electorate, regardless of who the personalities involved are.

    Unlike Sinn Fein the selection process of the SDLP is not run by an inner cadre whos only interest is domination over disenting voices.

    The public are entitled to know whos hat is in the ring but when push comes to shove, as the article states, it is for the SDLP members in Foyle to decide who they co-opt.

    The merits of all of the candidates are strong for different reasons and if anything it shows that the SDLP is in rude health in the city if they have people of that calibre to contest the selection process.

    However I somewhat doubt that the story is accurate. I don’t think all of those mentioned will be in ring come the selection date.

  • Lionel Hutz

    It really shows how poor N.I politics is when a party deciding between a number of strong candidates is seen as a sign of weakness. No doubt a UUP leadership election is the final nail in their coffin. I suppose when SF and DUP have never had such a healthy problem, it’s simply the strangeness of it all. Lol. Ridiculous

    make this as public as it can be it will only raise the profile of all concerned

  • J Kelly

    Wabbits and Lionel its not me who is making the story the Journal is reporting that some in the party fear that the “succession could cause serious divisions locally”. Lets be honest the SDLP in Derry is riven with factions.

    Competition is good for any party but if the winners and losers can be gracious afterwards everyone is a winner but that is not the case in Derry. The winners tend to punish their opposers and the losers hold grudges and there is nothing to suggest scrap will be any different.

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  • Wabbits

    J Kelly

    You have raised a number of points that rightly should be challenged here as they are both defamatory and libelous.

    I don’t see how you would know somebodys personal feelings towards another individual unless that person told you so themselves. In your case, I doubt that you spoke to anybody regarding the said allegations as you appear to be simply shite stirring from the other subs bench.

    On the so and so cant stand so and so allegation. Funny that, as I saw Pat Ramsay, Mark Durkan, John Tierney and Helen Quigley canvasing together during the recent election campaign in my neighbourhood. they looked happy enough to me.

    As for winners punishing loosers etc I am inclined to ask just how these punishments are carried out. Are the loosers taken up the back of the shops and kneecapped or what ?

    As for your final paragraph. That is a very serious allegation and I do wonder if Slugger would want to stand over it on your behalf ? It strikes me that these are the cowardly words of a keyboard warrior.

  • Jean Meslier

    Perhaps the SDLP in Foyle need another Alan B’Stard, character similar to the new bright young thing in S Belfast, to grab the proverbial bullelephants and move things on – sort of speak

  • J Kelly

    Wabbits how about the count for the Assembly election in 2007 and Helen Quigley threatening a legal challenge or a recount when she noticed two votes for her in Mary Bradleys bunch and a very senior member of the SDLP telling Helen to wind her neck in. At that count it was obvious that the SDLP were split down the middle with some supporting Helen and others supporting Mary and to say that the anonmosity was evident would be an understatement.

    Punishment in terms election to positions of power or influence lets just say that a certain associate of Pat Ramsey will never be mayor of Derry.

    On the canvassing allegation the media must have been about and I can guarantee that they weren’t all seen chatting and joking together.

    On the last paragraph do you deny that it was widely rumoured in Derry that numerous new members joined the SDLP just prior to the nominations for the Assembly elections in 2007. These rumours may not have any foundation but I would say that smoke and fire come to mind.

  • Wabbits

    J Kelly

    Just so you know:

    Dictionary definition of rumour

    1. information, often a mixture of truth and untruth, passed around verbally

    2. gossip or hearsay.

    I think it is quite natural in politics that there will be different factions in political parties. That is normal politics. People won’t agree all the time. Like all families there will be fall outs and recriminations. It doesn’t mean that a party isn’t fit to be effective.

    That probably doesn’t happen in Sinn Fein, right enough, because nobody crosses the politbureau or they really do get punished.

    I wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny your rumours vis a vis membership, as it’s the first I have heard of it, but if what you are saying is correct that would mean that all of the people who joined up in 2007 would still have to be members in 2010 in order to vote. That’s four years of subscriptions for each one.

    As far as I know, for what it’s worth, the SDLP membership across Derry city is pretty substantial and any selection process would most definetly be won on the merit of the candidate and/or through the usual political maschinations. that once again happen in normal political parties.

  • brasco

    Conal will not retain that assembly seat…..

  • socaire

    Margaret tells Shame-us that she will not be affirming her allegiance to the English Queen until Monday and she is unaware of the wording of the oath – sorry , affirmation. But in spite of pledging her fealty to the English Queen, she is there to fight Northern Ireland’s corner. Don’t it make you swell up with pride?

  • Freya

    Interesting fp veritas.

    Can you tell us how many protestants are employed by Sinn Fein? Or catholics by the DUP? Or jews by Alliance? Or muslims by the TUV?


    More relevant, can you tell us how many applicants the parties had for jobs from people from the other community and from those applicants how many were appointed? Or do you believe that the parties are obliged to force people from the other community to apply to work there?