de Juana Chaos extradition appeal to continue in his absence

Despite having had no contact with their client since he jumped bail in March this year, lawyers acting on behalf of the convicted ETA killer, Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos, are “continuing with instructions” in the appeal against his extradition to Spain.  Which is nice…  But have they checked his Dublin address yet?

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  • joeCanuck

    But have they checked his Dublin address yet?

    Might need a European Warrant to do that, Pete, and we know from another recent case that such a thing can take a long long time.

  • Argosjohn

    This “convicted ETA killer” is being prosecuted on the flimsiest of charges. Will you now refer to Gerry Kelly as “convicted IRA bomber” from now on? The Hang em High crowd lingers on.

    Gora Euzkadi!

  • jim

    peter sutcliffe the yorkshire ripper only done 13 stiffs this scumbeg was convited of 25. if the boul peter escaped from broadmoor there wud be uproar yet if a young local kid is allowed bail on a joyriding charge the andytown news n the community workers r up in arms seeing they support the police his photo should be plastered all over the andytown news.suppose he wants politicl status as well same as gary taylor on the uda wing at the minute.taylor stabbed a child to death on the somerton rd.ack sure its only belfast were the local MP is being accused of murdering n secretly buireing 1 of his constitunents. ya culdnt make it up

  • Argosjohn

    Jim That has nothing to do with the repression of the Basque people. Gerry Adams should also be working on behalf of Basques looking for a peaceful life, free from Spanish death squads. Still, as you point out, Gerry has his own issues which, like the plight of the Basques and Irtish republicans, do not seem to worry his electorate unduly.