Michael White: “You pay your money and take your choice.”

At the Guardian’s Election Blog, Michael White offers a mea culpa and provides a sensible assessment of where we’re at as the dust settles over Downing St.  From the G’s Election Blog

As I wrote in a piece yesterday, history points to the larger party, especially the predatory Tory party, swallowing up the minnow on its back. That’s where the bookies odds must point: to the Lib Dems being divided, even wrecked, by the strains of coalition in hard times.

But these are also unusual times in the wider sense. Western states such as Britain, long used to be global top dogs, are having to learn how to earn their keep in an Asia-Pacific world. We are in the grip of history for the first time in my life and anything can happen: even a successful and moderate Con-Lib coalition in which it is the reactionary ideas and people that get thrown overboard.

Read the whole thing.

Adds The BBC has a guide to the cabinet as they are appointed.

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  • Greenflag

    Pete Baker

    As for ‘swallowing ‘ up minnows heres a report that lends some perspective to current seemingly never ending fiscal black holes .

    ‘A supermassive black hole may have been observed in the process of being hurled from its parent galaxy at high speed.( apparently not the UK’s budget deficit ).

    The finding comes from analysis of data collected by the US Chandra space X-ray observatory.However, there are alternative explanations for the observation.

    The work, by an international team of astronomers, has been published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

    Normally, each galaxy contains a supermassive black hole at its centre. Given that these objects can have masses equivalent to one billion Suns, it takes a special set of conditions to cause this to happen.

    Anyway PB if these black holes are being hurtled from their galactic centres I want to know one who’s doing the hurtling and two where are they being hurtled to ? Don’t these universal forces not realise that planet earth is currently replete in the matter of black holes . Nearly every developed and developing country has a surfeit . I’ll pre empt Joe Canuck’s inevitable question by asking are they by any chance headed in our direction and should we be concerned ;)?