Fourth member of Tohill abduction gang re-arrested

An iol report notes that Liam Rainey, formerly of Belfast’s Ballymurphy Road and New Barnsley Crescent, appeared before the High Court in Dublin today following his arrest by gardaí in Bettystown, Co Meath, on Tuesday on foot of a European Arrest Warrant.  Rainey is the fourth member of the Provisional IRA gang to be recaptured after jumping bail in May 2006 while awaiting sentencing for attempting to abduct dissenting republican Bobby Tohill in 2004.  No doubt, “He was just following orders” too…

As the iol report also notes

Gerard McCrory and Tommy Tolan were arrested in 2007 after being stopped by police in Hillsborough, Co Down.

McCrory was sentenced to seven years in prison and Tolan to six years.

Last month Harry Fitzsimmons was sentenced to eight years in jail after being extradited from the Republic.

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  • IRIA

    Will he receive a beating from the screws in Maghaberry as Fitzy did?

  • I doubt there will be any kind of beating, but if there were – its hardly in the fabled league of the ‘six pack’.

  • andnowwhat

    Does the journalistic community do no research whatsoever anymore? Dissident republican?

    I’ve seen Tohill in action, I’ve seen repercussions of his actions.

    I’m no supporter of the republican movement but like another recent(ish) famous case in Belfast, I really do not think they are doing their research.

  • old school

    Your post doesn’t add much to the debate either.
    What exactly are you getting at with, “I’ve seen Tohill in action.I’ve seen repurcussions of his actions.”
    And with “recent famous case in Belfast”, and “dissident Republican?”
    If your criticising lack of research and clarity in media circles at leat add some clarity and research to your posts, because I feel you are the only one who knows what you’re talking about.

  • TheHorse

    What about the bizarre suicide cases of former or imprisoned political paramilitaries during the last few years, especially at Maghaberry prison.

  • kells

    I know what he is talking about and any of the customers of Kelly’s Cellars would as well.P.S Nice to see Bobby Storey has landed on his feet!