Photograph of the Day – Coming in for a rough landing

coming in for a rough landing.

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  • Jane Jaffers

    No problems here so far.
    It looks like a straight-forward kickflip.

    Unless the photographer, knows different?

  • padraig

    Poor Peter,

    First Iris, then the Election and now this. I just hope he is not in any way handicapped for when Iris gets home from the clinic to spoil the home coming.

    Dreadful . Poor man.

  • RepublicanStones

    Did he crash and burn Mooch……faceplant perhaps?

  • an madra amu

    i share your sympathy for this glorious leader of men,do not despair ,peter can now proceed unhindered with his life long ambition of becoming a fully fledged gaelgoir,he is currently restoring a famine era cottage on Inis mor and will be nice and cosy and very much at home and running for election for the Dail before we know it,dont you just love happy endings……

  • He did the kick flip ok, he just didn’t land it and staggered/stumbled off.
    Sorry RP, no faceplant

  • Greenflag

    I would not hatchet the count before he chickens . And if memory serves me right PR doesn’t do chicken . Robinson will be around come Assembly elections but Reggie Empey probably not . Give over your gloat it’s over .