Long-shot success, Gambling leaders at a loss, Hanging chads in FST

It was a night of success for Alliance in East Belfast.

Peter Robinson and Reg Empey were united in defeat; and after recounting was suspended before 5am this morning. New party leader discussions could be heard at counting stations last night as the news sunk into DUP and UCUNF camps.

Fermanagh & South Tyrone has come down to the interpretation of whether doubtful votes should be counted or rejected. Sinn Fein are seeking legal advice this morning.

The SDLP held their three seats – the only drama being the suspension of counting at the Templemore Sports Complex for 90 minutes due to an abandoned car and a pipe bomb – and other than the undecided FST, Sinn Fein held their existing seats.

Sylvia Hermon proved to be a force of nature and held onto her seat.

And the TUV ran out of puff, polling short of their ambitions in many constituencies in which they stood.

That’s before the UK-wide picture is looked at … discuss!