UCUNF getting desperate as campaigning draws to close?

I have no idea what the UUP expected the media to do with the following innuendo laden press release issued by an Assembly Press Officer. I will note it but for obvious reasons commenting has been turned off:


Another confused outburst from Jeffrey

Responding to another confused outburst from Jeffrey Donaldson concerning a mistaken story in the Financial Times an Ulster Unionist Party Spokesperson said:

“Jeffrey appears to be thoroughly confused about a whole host of matters. The statement was issued on behalf of both parties – the Conservatives and the Ulster Unionists. Having separated himself from reality, Jeffrey is now fantasising about jumping into bed with Conservatives after sharing a bed with Labour throughout this election campaign.

“It really is quite a strange fantasy.

“From crowing that the UUP has no clout with the Conservative Party, to inferring that the UUP has now taken control of CCHQ’s press office, Jeffrey seems equally confused about the strength of our partnership.

“I am afraid it is Jeffery who is becoming increasingly hysterical, but at least it is nice to see him out and about again.”