Photograph of the Day – Berating the Police (for keeping the peace?)

Berating the PSNI (for keeping the peace?)

A loyalist protester berates the PSNI telling them that they are a disgrace(expletive deleted)  as the Independent Republican Parade to commemorate the Hunger Strikes passes the bottom of the Shankill Rd.

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  • Well its typical of the loyalists, they are the disgrace, they have their parades every summer however when a parade of substance actually takes place, one which highlights the struggle my people endured against foreign rule it spat upon by thugs.

  • old school

    Looks more like berating the Fenians behind the police to be honest

  • Seosamh913

    Judging by the baseball cap he has on, is it not possible he’s merely upset that it turned out not to be a Pride march that he quite fancied joining ?