A tale of two cameras

After Sunday’s Independent Hunger Strike Commemoration a video appeared online showing the tail end of the march chanting ‘IRA’ (and for some bizarre reason a lenghty section recording photographers).

There was quite a bit in advance of that person deciding to hit record:

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  • Cynic

    What, you mean the prods MADE them do it? I thought that the organisers of this march were non-partisan and affiliated with no group? Shucks.

  • old school

    Belfast Tele reporting that “South Belfast UDA Commander, Jackie Mc Donald” was in attendence.
    Is the UDA a legal body again?
    Compare the media and State’s treatment of UDA leaders to Republicans being framed and interned by remand.
    The videos above just prove the Statelet is rotten to the core.
    The SF strategy of integrating with the Establishment has failed.

  • John

    Very very tame actually. Why try and wind it up Mark?? Its as close to respect as you will get in the vicinity and is positively uneventful in comparison to the past.

    I take it all of those on parade would equally support the rights of Orange Parades on other arterial routes in North and West Belfast, Portadown etc??

    Not that i equate the commemoration of the Hunger Strikers with an Orange Parade- political motivation versus cultural motivation.

    Several breaches by the parade on the PC determination as well incidently.

    Most notably though- Republicans/ Nationalists just cant put on a good parade!!! The selection of bands approached abysmal, with the majority of parade participants earing their sunday best of track suits and ‘hoodies’. (Tounge in cheek remark, but has an element of truth in it.)

  • Re-engaged

    No – UDA not legal – Saint Jackie he aint and his betrayal as anything other than a criminal and terrorist is wrong, but perhaps like Gerry he was never in the UDA and it was an ‘honorary’ membership, bit like a university chancellorship

    You and wee Jim Allister should get together because with past record the two of you will be governing our wee ‘statelet’ soon – atb

  • Cynic

    Terrorist? But he plays golf with Martin McAleese!!! Admit it – you just dont want a Prod about you..

  • Comrade Stalin

    I wonder how representative of the marchers that Dublin accent is.

    Other than that, I don’t see anything other than something resembling crowds of football hooligans getting out of control.

  • Mrazik

    I guess there was a run on JB Sports before.

  • old school

    Certainly more represntative than Hugh Orde, Baggott, or Woodward.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ve heard this line a few times, mostly from shinners and it delights me.

    These terrible people in cheap sportswear claiming to be republicans.

    Aren’t the masses just so unwashed now.

  • lamhdearg

    ground hog day, Fuck this i am moveing to spain.

  • old school

    Hasta nunca!

  • old school

    So New Rich. Another trait nicked from the SDLP.
    Are you Squinter??

  • Seosamh913

    Another taxpayer-sponsored lumpen proletariat picnic ?

  • Hard hat

    Guess what…………neither video is complete. I began with stills but when we reached the site of the protest I switched to video. The protest at Brown Street was noisy but legitimate. The one band did not play music but some of the marchers appeared to be doing their best to antagonise, gesturing, two fingered salutes, laughing and sneering. Other than that, nothing serious. At the bottom of the Shankill Road, the story was completely different. Flag-waving loyalists began singing Billy Boys, marchers began shouting back, things turned nasty and missiles started to fly. The band immediately struck up at the junction and stopped as did many of the marchers some of whom can be seen lobbing missiles into the loyalist crowd (in front of the PSNI). Shortly afterwards a group began chanting IRA and after a few minutes marshalls and police began to move the march on. A few minutes later debris was thrown from within Carrick Hill over rooftops and onto Shankill Road. But what does it matter – people will pick out the bits that matter to them and disregard everything else – a bit like the way people present their videos.