Secrecy in schools – catholic dirty habits

The northern Ireland Commission for Catholic Education, Post Primary Review has been making a mockery of consultation across the north for months. The ‘Catholic Education For All’ consultation on South, West Belfast and Lisburn is a clear demonstration.

I challenge you to find either the consultation or response form on the website with any ease.
If you do come across it you will find a document that suggests two models identical in all but one element; the building of a new school for Lisburn/Glenavy/Crumlin.

No indication of where, despite claiming to have a site identified.

A tiny section is left for suggesting alternatives – like challenging keeping every Grammar School intact through  meaningless partnership arrangements with Comprehensives (St Rose’s and St Dominic’s cooperate but don’t amalgamate – and this isn’t promoting selective education?) .

Or the aim of keeping St Colm’s, De La Salle and St Genevieve’s in a wee group of deprived isolation?

Consultation my arse.