José versus the volcano

Ash cloud

Disruption due to volcanic ash has reached the European Parliament with changes to the agenda; debates continue mostly as normal but given travel issues for many Deputies voting has been postponed to 5/6 May.

The European Commission & Council will have made statements on the volcano (online at some point today) at Tuesday’s session and have already decided to set up an Ad Hoc group addressing the economic consequences. Similar measures haven’t been put in place at Leinster House with the Irish Times noting;

With Fine Gael saying it would use all parliamentary options at is disposal to force a change of administration, officials in the Government whip’s office issued instructions to all deputies yesterday to be present in the Dáil when the parliament resumes at 2.30pm today.

While some on initially speculated on the possibility of using the absence of Government TDs to force an election it seems clear this was never possible.

Mark Devenport also notes travel restrictions have been upsetting Tory plans to drop in English figures on the local campaign trail.

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