Does the DUP want to pull out of the European Union?

Interesting piece from Jonathan Isaby yesterday at Conservative Home, which points out that the Better Off Out group, which favours British withdrawal from the European Union, had 15 MPs as members. Of which no fewer than 8 out of the DUPs nine MPs constituted more than half its parliamentary members. As Jonathan points out, that’s not exactly what it says in the party’s manifesto…

In the section about international affairs, it merely states that:

“too many powers have been ceded by our national Government to the European Union”

and cites opposition to the UK entering the Euro zone, whilst stating the British Government:

“must do much more to oppose the continual power-grab exercised by the European Commission.”

So what’s it to be lads: in, or out? Or is this just another game of swapping hats of convenience to suit the particular occasion?

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