Does the DUP want to pull out of the European Union?

Interesting piece from Jonathan Isaby yesterday at Conservative Home, which points out that the Better Off Out group, which favours British withdrawal from the European Union, had 15 MPs as members. Of which no fewer than 8 out of the DUPs nine MPs constituted more than half its parliamentary members. As Jonathan points out, that’s not exactly what it says in the party’s manifesto…

In the section about international affairs, it merely states that:

“too many powers have been ceded by our national Government to the European Union”

and cites opposition to the UK entering the Euro zone, whilst stating the British Government:

“must do much more to oppose the continual power-grab exercised by the European Commission.”

So what’s it to be lads: in, or out? Or is this just another game of swapping hats of convenience to suit the particular occasion?

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  • Count Eric Bisto von Granules

    Northern Ireland nationalists using neutral nations cold war tactics of milking the US and Soviet teets alternately, only in this case its the EU and the UK. As long as they preserve their little enclave through block grants or handouts, they dont have to live in the real world and can feather their nests accordingly. The sooner the big boys recognise its a cultural and political backwater populated by porcine inbreds determined to maintain the status quo the better. No water rates, block grant maintenance, increased EU support – this global recession should bring a kick up the h**e and a heavy dose of reality but if it doesnt with the parties in London, why should it in Belfast.

  • cynic2

    The DUP drive on this is mostly motivated by sectarianism rather than political or economic anysis. Anything founded on a Treaty ot Rome can’t be good and there are too many Catholic Countries in the EU for them to feel comfortable.

  • baldrick45

    Can’t agree with cynic2. For me the DUP attitude has more to do with their general obsession with embracing Unionist victimhood and with their arrogance.

    On the first – Well, everyone knows even the Brits aren’t to be trusted so dodgy Europeans – they just want to rob us of our rights, take control of our lives and (the cheek of it) stop giving us money! – Cue DUP choir chanting – Infamy, infamy, they’ve alll got it infamy etc etc….
    (The bigger the stage the bigger the paranoia)

    On the second ; “President Barosso – WTF do you mean you won’t speak to me today? Wadda you mean I’ve shat upon the goodwill and support of the EU since 2007? Do you know who I am? Huh, do you? I’m the fuppin’ First Minister of Norn Fuppin’ Ireland. I’m fuppin’ important and you have to give me what I ask … Wadda you mean “No, I don’t”.

    Take the “Peace Process ™” out of the equation and normal politics at the European level relegates all our politicians to being “F-list” celebs. They don’t like that…. and they sure as hell haven’t begun to understand the implications of that.

    Never mind. Denial is a wonderful state of mind which will make all our probems go away if we just believe in it hard enough and long enough.