Election Debate – Liveblog

The first live Election Debate takes place on ITV tonight at 8.30pm. The Liveblog below will open at 8.15pm for your comments. You can watch it online here and also ‘Rate the Debate’ on Facebook. Please forward any useful twitter feed or hashtags.

  • Rory Carr

    Thank you for warning me of this in advance, Mark. I am horror-stricken to think that I might have unwittingly switched on my television otherwise and found myself watching this charade. But forewarned is forearmed, thank you, I can now watch that Italian DVD Malena with the gorgeous Monica Belluci that I’ve been saving for a treat.

    You’re an angel.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Interruptions. sound so wierd

  • RepublicanStones

    Anyone else thinks Clegg’s suit is a little ill-fitting?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    I thought it was more for the benefit of the Media and assorted Blogger nerds and anoraks. I dont see how it benefitted the Electorate.
    Not that the Media ever gave a tinkers curse about Voters.

    We had seen all this 18 months ago with the American Election when the Media got self important.
    Indeed I think Adam Boulton dragged out the Moderator of the Nixon/Kennedy debate as a kinda “blessing” on the proceedings.
    Lets face it….certainly since the days of Bill Clinton and Jim Carville we have known about all this back room stuff where expectations are talked up and down and journalists are sent messages claiming victory and party members posing as members of the public will be texting Radio Programmes saying how well their guy did.

    And a chance for various young hacks like pouting Laura Konisburg (sp) to show off the fact that she owns a Blueberry or a Blackberry or whatever they are called.

    Gin and tonics all round in Manchester hotels tonight.