It was just too hard to resist…

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  • unionistvoter

    yea not bad but at least he is eligible to vote here and didn’t cost as much a four ransom strips

  • Fretjumper

    Is he slowly morphing into David Trimble? With the obvious addition of a personality of course. What’s with the hair Mike, ye wouldn’t a got away with that on the news!

  • Harry J

    what ever happened to mike nesbitt?

  • Framer

    He could still do with a good cut and blow dry from a top N’ards stylist.

    £35 spent and a possible vote.

  • Lionel Hutz

    It gives him more of a man of the people style chair. A reporters quaff wouldn’t have that

  • Great poster … thought someone would take advantage fo the “Way Out” eventually.

    I love the way that the politics of the election are so bland that we’ve all turned into media critics and are deconstructing the ads. I suppose that’s progress of sorts?!

  • Drumlins Rock

    ohh I cant wait for the DUP broadcast, the milage that will be got from giving it double meanings will be legendary.

  • Not a poster mash-up, just Harry Venning at his absolute best:

  • Harry J
  • RepublicanStones

    How the feck did he snare the delectable Lynda?

  • Lindsay