“I believe that the Education Minister is guilty of a terminological inexactitude”

During a Northern Ireland Assembly debate in March this year – on the NI Education Minister’s decision to withdraw funding from the preparatory departments of grammar schools – the DUP’s Jonathan Bell was ordered from the chamber after he refused to withdraw his comment that the Minister, Sinn Féin’s Caitriona Ruane, was “deliberately mislead[ing] the House” by associating the NI Finance Minister, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, with a report from the Assembly’s business consultancy service which had actually been commissioned by the Education Minister. In the Assembly today, the NI Finance Minister took careful aim at his Executive colleague. But what does the Assembly do with a Minister who deliberately misleads the House? Video via BBC NI’s Stormont Live.

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  • Nice one, Sammy. 🙂

  • Rory Carr

    He does seem to have some difficulty in pronouncing the term “terminal inexactitude” which he felt it was so clever to employ – “inaxac-chewd” doesn’t quite sound so Churchillian as he might have hoped.

    I blame a poor education. Perhaps the wee boy suffered through one of those awful grammar schools that he now wishes to inflict upon others.

  • sdelaneys

    I don’t believe he said “terminal” Rory, if we are worried about pronunciation. Poor education must be a long term problem.

    What exactly would a ““terminal inexactitude” be, Rory? Bad work by an electrician?

  • Greenflag

    “terminal inexactitude”

    It means you go to the wrong bloody terminal and miss your flight 😉

  • I heard it and I thought he pronounced it roughly but correctly. A member of S/F lying? surely not!

  • pinni

    First word was fine but sounds like a technical glitch in the second. Nonetheless, the message is clear: the Shinners are paragons of integrity and truthfulness! 😉

  • Hooray for Sammy! Ulster’s premiere thinking man’s Ulsterman!

  • Pete Baker


    I can confirm that any audio problem on the second word is due to a technical glitch caused by the joining of two separate video clips.

  • B O O

    The thinking mans Ulsterman did not, Im afraid, have to think too hard. Calling an MP a lier is strictly forbidden by the, ahem, honourable members of parliament. The episode of Winnie getting away with it, by knowing longer words than his colleagues, is famous…

  • richiep

    Someone older and wiser tells me they can remember reports of that term being used by the late Brian Linehan ( sr. ) in the Dáil around the late sixties.

  • Yes, Pippakin. But all that does not stop Sir Sammy also from being the thinking woman’s sex symbol.

  • Richiep – By copying Churchill first, Linehan must have been smarter than Sir Sammy, eh?

  • B O O

    SW The thinking womans sex symbol? I had heard rumours, but then I look at his picture. You did look at his picture?

  • Henry94

    Are these DUP highlights from the Assembly a permanent feature or just until the election? I think they are a great idea.

  • Pippakin, you are unkind. By the way, if there is ever a United Ireland, there’ll be half a million fella like this to choose from. Lock up yer daughters, eh?

  • B O O

    They would not look twice I assure you. The good news is most Irish people, including obviously the men, are much, much better looking.

  • Rory Carr

    A terminal inexactitude is one where a commenter to a blog site, when taking the piss out of another’s use of language, himself then commits a howler of such significant degree as to terminate any previous confidence his audience might have had in his smartarsedness.

    Guilty as charged, m’lud.

  • Rory Carr

    It is always worse when the brown stuff is self inflicted.