A blogger so good he scares

The mostly (always?) excellent AlaninBelfast pulls off another wonderful piece of blogging with a trip around Belfast’s Big Wheel as it disappears. This blogger can do no wrong.

  • lamhdearg

    At 1 min 55 sec on the right hand view, What is it?.

  • Mark McGregor


    Thing that looks a bit like a big ‘A’? I’ve no idea.

  • Missile testing in Belfast!

    No, easier explained. The sun was behind the right hand view, and it reflected off the angled window at that moment.

    I forgot to check … do the folk in the pod in front or behind ever acknowledge the fact they’re on camera? They did look a little amused when I hopped into a pod on my own.

  • The still image from 1:55ish – easier to spot what lamhdearg is talking about.

  • articles

    At last the City Hall mob can go back to sunbathing in the roof valleys.

  • aquifer

    Why no comments field for the next piece? Are the separatists averse to a bit of laceration first thing?

    Much like a car-bomb victim I’m sure