‘united, resolute and in defiance’

D Company based in the Lower Falls was a powerhouse of the IRA during the Provisional’s armed struggle. One of their most iconic figures was Brendan Hughes and it was them he had arrange his funeral.

Some of his ashes were scattered at their memorial garden during a ceremony where members of D Company ensured, in line with his wishes, SF members were not permitted to speak.

After attacks in An Phoblacht on Hughes from people loyal to SF, another respected figure from the Dogs, Paddy Joe Rice, has openly supported Brendan’s account as truthful and honest:

“IRA volunteers who served with Brendan know who is telling the truth and who is not. They know what Brendan said is right and they know he’s not the liar,”

Slugger understands Rice gave the address at D Company’s Easter commemoration with no complaint from those gathered.