‘united, resolute and in defiance’

D Company based in the Lower Falls was a powerhouse of the IRA during the Provisional’s armed struggle. One of their most iconic figures was Brendan Hughes and it was them he had arrange his funeral.

Some of his ashes were scattered at their memorial garden during a ceremony where members of D Company ensured, in line with his wishes, SF members were not permitted to speak.

After attacks in An Phoblacht on Hughes from people loyal to SF, another respected figure from the Dogs, Paddy Joe Rice, has openly supported Brendan’s account as truthful and honest:

“IRA volunteers who served with Brendan know who is telling the truth and who is not. They know what Brendan said is right and they know he’s not the liar,”

Slugger understands Rice gave the address at D Company’s Easter commemoration with no complaint from those gathered.

  • Mark,

    not sure what traction this story has because everybody who already does, or will vote SF probably assumes that Adams is being economical with the acualité to protect himself from legal preceedings and they also know well that the Provos ran a campaign which contained many actions of which they dont/didnt approve.

    They nevertheless see Adams as someone who organised the Provo campaign for a cause to which they feel had at least some justification and that the campaign was a repsonse to British mis-rule and partition.

    Just as the British people will stand over their boys, who with less justification invaded Iraq, so too will Nationalists stand behind those involved militarily on their behalf as we will no doubt witness when the election results for West Belfast and elsewhwere return former PIRA insurgents.

    Protocol warning: Please adjust your mindset
    For those of a particulalry tribal and/or sensitive disposition and those unable to judge an arguement on it’s merits please be aware that the term Unionist in my name is not an entrirely accurate reflection of my political views though it should also be noted that my paternal grandfather was a keen supporter of the Union and I am invoking the FIFA grandparent rule and am opting to call myself so. (I’m sure he would have approved.)

  • Mark McGregor


    It will have no traction or impact but given Rice’s reaction it seems the SF strategy of attacking Hughes as dishonest and ‘ill’ may backfire and tempt out some of his comrades unwilling to go along with the charade.

  • IRIA

    Why do you call him Sammy?

  • redhugh78

    a hell of a lot more at milltown for Gerry Adam’s speeh and no complaints for them either.

  • redhugh78

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  • seandubh

    Its sad that Brendan Hughes did not say all this when he was alive,I dont really care if Gerry Adams was in the I.R.A,or the pioneers.Its hard to argue with the dead,though some people may think otherwise.Maybe if we ever get to a truth and reconcillation stage,the truth will emerge.But before that,well Adams is right to say nothing,let all parties tell the truth before demanding it of others .

  • patrickt

    It is sad that it took Brendans words after his death, to stir up, what is probably the worst period of internal republican dissent of our generation.In many ways we were never really a republican family,we have always been fractured and riddled with personality cult.The leadership of Sinn Fein deliberately fostered that aura around themselves.They are now under the gaze of the public spotlight, which is were they wanted to be.Sooner or later the public scrutiny was going to fall on them and their past.Being part of that past myself to a degree,i dont believe anyone will get real closure to the truth they are seeking,i believe Paddyjoe Rice, has an absolute right to defend Brendan,is it not supposed to be a democratic process we are now in,or does that apply only to those who tow the party line.In reality it has always been a party tightly controlled by a few personalities,those same personalities controlled every aspect of the army,people like Brendan and many,many others believe that cadre; of people, sold our people short,that is their right.