Could it be a UFO?

Between 11.40 and 11.44 tonight what looked like a fiery disc or sphere pursued what looked like a slow curvilinear course across the sky over South Belfast. Did anyone else notice it, and can someone explain it in unspectacular terms?

  • Michaelhenry

    maybe it was gerry adams new form of transport,he seems to be getting the blame for every thing else.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, David, if you don’t know what it was then it is Unidentified by definition.

    But without images and/or a better observation report it’s difficult to tell.

    Could be a very small meteor?

  • David Crookes

    Thanks, Pete, but it seemed too slow for a small meteor. If it turns out that no one else has seen the thing, I’ll get really worried. I watched it from my study window for a few moments, and then went outside to follow its course. It was cool enough outside, and I don’t drink alcohol!

  • Mark McGregor

    I more alienated by the idea some people have a ‘study’ to blog from.

  • Pete Baker
  • David Crookes

    Thanks again, Pete (#5), that sounds most likely. It’s hard to judge ‘up’ and ‘down’ and ‘across’ when you look at the night sky. If Mark’s offended by people having studies, I can take my computer out to the workshop in the garden.

  • wee buns

    yes we have been getting alledged meteorites in donegal this past while which has been a good distraction to occasionaly see some light while the Tánaiste talks shite with her foot in her mouth all the while mass emigration of our young, yes, a party of 7 this week again to Oz.

  • hodgie

    i seen them too, but i’m not telling anybody: they told me not to………

  • joeCanuck

    You have a workshop, David? Wow! If it gets cold you could bring your tools into the study.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Was it not Peter Robinsons credibilty high tailing it out of town and if not his then Gerry Adams or perhaps both together in some sick lack of credability flying orgy.

  • wee buns

    ‘some sick lack of credability flying orgy.’

    ahhhh such colours.

  • joeCanuck

    If it took 4 or 5 minutes to pass, then it wasn’t a meteor or meteorite. Probably space debris burning up as Pete suggests. One other possibility would be a single engine jet fighter with afterburner on. Does the RAF still fly these over N.I.?
    The problem with the terminology of “UFOs” is the “flying” bit. That implies control. While some objects are subsequently identified as planes, some are not, e.g. weather balloons. Would be better to call them something like Unidentified Moving Objects In The Skies, UMOITS.

  • Kevsterino

    If the fiery mass burned with an orange hue, it will probably be back next year along its now traditional route.

  • Framer

    Mark’s first instinct is to MOPE (war crime of having a study) rather than wonder at a possible miracle.

    It was Easter Sunday GMT and perhaps a sign of the resurrection.

  • Cynic2

    Perhaps Jim Allister was still in orbit having heard Robbo’s comments about him?

  • Cynic2


    There’s a lot of us intellectuals with studies about {said smugly}

  • Pigeon Toes

    “out to the workshop”

    For us wee common folk would that be a “shed” or in South Derry/ Tyrone parlance “shade”?

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    “Could it be a UFO?”

    It is a “UFO” because it is an “unidentified flying object!”….but as regards it being a spaceship …. well, errrr NO!

  • AS is perfectly obvious, it was the Unionist unity candidate making his descent upon the grateful and anxious folk of the Malone Rd.

  • Critical Alien

    Where’s John O’Connell when you need him? Might this not have been the horsemen coming in? Has Gerry been practising his trumpet?

  • How earth bound we are when a possible miracle sails by and we are jealous of a study!

    It may, probably was space junk. We are litter louts, even in space.

    I do think though, you were lucky to see it, and lucky to have a study as well.

  • Critical Alien
  • Impartial Reporter

    Joe 12

    UMOITS – is this a new UUP electoral pact?

  • joeCanuck

    hehehehe I.R.

  • David Crookes

    Magnificent, Critical Alien, many thanks!

  • Rory Carr

    “can someone explain it in unspectacular terms?”

    All right then, I’ll have a go:

    “It was nothing really.”

    Will that do?

  • David Crookes

    One who knows more than I do has offered an altogether credible explanation of the mystery: 燈籠.

  • joeCanuck

    I couldn’t resist David, so I translated it. Funny; it would certainly shine a light on it.

  • David Crookes

    You’re a sharp one, Joe! My wise informant tells me that the same kind of thing has been seen in the same sort of area on other important days of the year. Oh, well! At the time I was genuinely grateful for the divsrsion. Thanks for writing.