NI and Scottish Rights bodies challenge the Conservatives

With the consultation period just ended on the NIO’s response to the draft NI Bill of Rights, the NI and Scottish Human Rights Commissions jointly challenge the big UK parties especially the Conservatives, over their plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights.
Monica McWilliams says:

Nowhere in the world has the repeal of existing human rights protections been a starting point for discussing a proposed Bill of Rights. It must not be the starting point for a debate in the United Kingdom. The Northern Ireland and Scottish Commissions are agreed that progressively building upon the foundation provided by the Human Rights Act is the only acceptable basis upon which to have a debate.”

This reads like a frontal challenge to the man who would eventually bring forward the Conservatives’ Bill, Dominic Grieve who hasn’t spelled out how he’d replace the HRA. Meanwhile both the DUP and Daphne Trimble reject the NI Commission’s Bill on familiar grounds. But Lady Trimble, now Conservative and Unionist challenger in Lagan Valley can’t resist making a party point.

The DUP will never be in a position to replace Labour’s Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights because the DUP will never form or be part of the UK Government.