“He will be considering a civil action against the secretary of state for this illegal detention.”

The Irish News reports that yesterday “alleged Real IRA leader” Terry McCafferty was released from Maghaberry Prison after the Sentence Review Commissioners ruled his detention illegal on the basis that the case against him was unreliable. McCafferty had been released on licence in November 2008, half-way through a 12-year sentence for possesion of explosives, but, as noted at the time, in December 2008 the Secretary of State revoked his parole licence and he was re-arrested at Belfast International Airport. Since then there has been a legal battle over the case, which included a December 2009 Court of Appeal ruling rejecting a legal challenge to the decision to revoke McCafferty’s licence. From today’s Irish News.

As part of that legal battle the attorney general appointed a special advocate to represent McCafferty at hearings which he was not allowed to attend because of sensitive intelligence material presented to the commission by security agencies. The case took a dramatic turn earlier this month when the special advocate announced he was withdrawing from the case, claiming he was not being allowed to properly represent the alleged dissident. However, McCafferty’s lawyer Paul Pierce was last night informed that the sentence review commission had recommended the prisoner’s immediate release. Welcoming the move, Mr Pierce said: “My client has been held in prison without any valid evidence for the last 15 months. “He will be considering a civil action against the secretary of state for this illegal detention.”

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  • Michaelhenry

    like his non existed military attemps, this will come to nothing.

  • old school

    Siding with the British Establishment again, Michael?
    “My client has been held in prison for the last 15 months without any valid evidence”.
    I thought you supported an Ireland of Equals.

  • Michaelhenry

    armed brit lovers are not equal to republicans.

  • Newry Republican

    15 months in prison and then he’s told there is no case against him!

    Internment is rife no matter how they try to dress it up, it takes many forms

  • Michaelhenry

    internment for 1 person,rough justice,they are all after you,look over your shoulder,thats peace you see,not the armed british army.


    indeed! interment isn’t fire, hanging on the other hand would be a much better option

  • Newry Republican

    Sean Hoey was another victim of selective Internment he spent a number of years behind bars and then his case was simply thrown out due to lack of evidence, Chris was another he spent 3 years behind bars until he was told there was no evidence. Colin Duffy is a current victim of Internment by remand, he has no been in prison for a year and it could be over another year before he goes to trial, what will happen then? Will he also be released? The history of state persecution against Colin is unreal, attempted assasination in 1990, framed in 1993, framed in 1997 and again in 2009. 28 day detention is also a form of Internment, We have cases of republicans spending several years on remand and then the cases are thrown out of court. its simply a de-facto form of internment. its certainly not Internment on the level it was in the 70s buts its still a form of Internment